BIRTHDAY THANX ‘FOR EVERY OUNCE OF LOVE, A POUND OF FLESH’. First of all, while I’m at it, Have A Merry St. Patrick’s Day, the patron God of remembering your heritage & getting shit faced. For those drawn to it, a remedy as good as any. I wanted to address the DUALITY OF FREEDOM & […]


BIRTHDAY STORY 3/15: THE COUGAR & MR. KÜHN   On this day, my 61st, I’d like to give a well deserved Shout Out to another fellow ‘Ides Of March’ birthday celebrant, the brilliant German Jazz musician, JOACHIM KUHN, who was born on this selfsame day in the Year of our Lord 1944. Upon my salad […]


AN ONGOING DIALOGUE WITH INFINITY’S REFLECTION. All of my heroes are by definition flawed. Nor could I relate to them otherwise as I am a Man & not content to be a Caricature. Nor will we be seemingly content, as a restless, angry breed, until EVERY statue is overturned to reveal itself to be bronzed […]


‘ADAM & HIS XMAS EVE’ Adam closed his almond hazel eyes & made a Xmas wish to the Creator to give him something extra special come the Yuletide season as he’d been lonely for quite some time & hadn’t been getting on too well with the Serpent, who was much too consumed with growing Apple […]

The Separation of the Petals from the Thorns

Let it be duly noted that MAKING A CONSCIOUS CHOICE TO PRAISE SOMEONE’s POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION to your LIFE & TIMES does NOT necessarily EQUATE with a TOTAL BLANKET ENDORSEMENT OF THEIR LIFE EXPERIENCE.   I came with the tacit intention of PRAISING Mr. Lewis, not to BURY him, which many of you began doing with Surgical […]

Jerry Lee Lewis

Eternal Rest to an American Original who Refused to be Contained or Defined by Anyone’s Metrics (or categories) other than his Own. Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Country, Blues, Gospel, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime, Jazz, Pop, Whatever name you put to it, the ‘Killer’ was up to the task & then some. Much Respect to […]

Loretta Lynn

My Great Appreciation for Madame Loretta Lynn came through my late Grandmother,Annie Evans who passed but a couple of years ago in her mid 90’s. Grandma was the daughter of a full blooded Cherokee woman (who for some reason known only to her & the ancestors loved chasing me around the yard in Daytona Beach […]

Introducing The Hardline

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, we’ve released a digitally remastered and Spatial Audio edition of “Introducing The Hardline” Sananda’s Poem: Reintroducing The Hardline According To Sananda Maitreya (The Hardline at 35) After thousands of songs written& hundreds recorded & published& before the dawn of Post Millennium Rock,(& the rubble of other rubbish)We return to the […]

Sananda’s Requiem Sonata


It is the apex of arrogance & closemindedness to insist on telling a music whatIT is, instead of listening to that particular music tell us.Music is a living, restless beast & forever moving forward & onwards even as we persist in labeling it according to our own comfort & convenience.We, who are willing to kill […]