The Return Of The Thanx Giving Squirrel !

‘THE RETURN OF THE THANKSGIVING SQUIRREL’ ! Oddly enough, my pet name for my daughter Seraphina has always been ‘Squirrel’, so it was with pleasure & excitement that we had the chance to welcome her here in Milano for a few days last week before she returned to her London home to gear up for […]

‘As If What We LOOK Like, Discounts What Is Within Us’

I wish to send forth a Shout Out of Great Respects for what I’ve been informed is ‘NATIVE HERITAGE MONTH’. And since we are now abiding in an age where everyone is ‘coming out of the closet’ & rejuvenating their identities with updates of recognition, I’ve also recently determined that I’d no longer deny the […]

..Or Maybe Next Year Just Franks & Beans !!

Dear Children of the Sun, I greet you on this day of October 4 2023 to honor our family’s ‘NAME DAY’ It’s called Onomastico in Italian. It’s the day honoring Saint Francis of Assisi, who is the Patron Saint of Italy, we have my lovely Madame Francesca, our Son Francesco Mingus, & my Baptism name […]

The Cost Of Living

‘We May Not Come In the Shapes U Like But We Come.’ Dedicated to All Tribes Who Toil in the Fields of Harvest, in This, the Land of Plenty. Part 1: My wife & I wished to bring our children to Assisi where we got married 20 years ago on the 30th of June, so […]


BIRTHDAY THANX ‘FOR EVERY OUNCE OF LOVE, A POUND OF FLESH’. First of all, while I’m at it, Have A Merry St. Patrick’s Day, the patron God of remembering your heritage & getting shit faced. For those drawn to it, a remedy as good as any. I wanted to address the DUALITY OF FREEDOM & […]


BIRTHDAY STORY 3/15: THE COUGAR & MR. KÜHN   On this day, my 61st, I’d like to give a well deserved Shout Out to another fellow ‘Ides Of March’ birthday celebrant, the brilliant German Jazz musician, JOACHIM KUHN, who was born on this selfsame day in the Year of our Lord 1944. Upon my salad […]


AN ONGOING DIALOGUE WITH INFINITY’S REFLECTION. All of my heroes are by definition flawed. Nor could I relate to them otherwise as I am a Man & not content to be a Caricature. Nor will we be seemingly content, as a restless, angry breed, until EVERY statue is overturned to reveal itself to be bronzed […]


‘ADAM & HIS XMAS EVE’ Adam closed his almond hazel eyes & made a Xmas wish to the Creator to give him something extra special come the Yuletide season as he’d been lonely for quite some time & hadn’t been getting on too well with the Serpent, who was much too consumed with growing Apple […]