Her Kiss – Behind the scenes

Welcome to this presentation of ‘HER KISS’, a Behind The Scenes view of a song that has been particularly fortuitous for us since the inception of its2 Video Versions premiered into the bloodline of mainstream embrace. It has been honored with a bountiful cache of awards & salutations for which we are most grateful to […]

Dolby Atmos Competition

  To celebrate 35 years of the album ‘Introducing the Hardline’, we’re giving 30 lucky people the opportunity to attend an exclusive playback event to hear it remastered in Dolby Atmos. There will also be a Q&A hosted with Sananda via Zoom from Milano, Italy and Martyn Ware from London. For your chance to attend […]

Sananda’s Spotify Playlist

Today 35 years ago on July 13 was an Anchor dropped from a Ship Of Sails that Announced the Arrival of a Lifethat extended itself far beyond the Horizon of my Vision & the Realm of my Imagination.Taking us through Waters Uncharted & as yet Unmapped to where we find ourselves now Still Sailingtowards the […]

Introducing The Hardline

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, we’ve released a digitally remastered and Spatial Audio edition of “Introducing The Hardline” Sananda’s Poem: Reintroducing The Hardline According To Sananda Maitreya (The Hardline at 35) After thousands of songs written& hundreds recorded & published& before the dawn of Post Millennium Rock,(& the rubble of other rubbish)We return to the […]

Sananda’s Requiem Sonata


It is the apex of arrogance & closemindedness to insist on telling a music whatIT is, instead of listening to that particular music tell us.Music is a living, restless beast & forever moving forward & onwards even as we persist in labeling it according to our own comfort & convenience.We, who are willing to kill […]

Happy Birthday Sananda

We’d like to celebrate with you on this very special day: March 15th, Sananda’s Birthday !!   From today you will be able to listen to the 2nd series of Sananda’s “Post Millennium Review” Radio Show at United Music available everyday at 10 am and 10 pm CET at Sananda.org/radio Enjoy!   if you missed […]

Riky Rick

Dear Fellow Travelers, I was asked, following the most recent demise of our South African friend Riky Rick @rikyrickworld to post a salutary comment on his behalf. But having been moved by the spirit of his exit from this layer of our dimension, as well as the conditions accompanying it, I felt it best instead […]

More Love, Regenerated !

From the heart of my spirit I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated (from your own perspective) in my collaboration with Maestro Calvin Harris, Riva Starr, & Love Regenerator. As advertised, you definitely helped ‘Regenerate’ quite a lot of Love.We are also grateful in advance for what Love will […]