Oliver’s Army !

As a Writer & Producer, it is never not refreshing & reinvigorating to be reminded on occasion of what the simple power & elegance of what just ONE SONG SUNG WITH CONVICTION & Basic Instrumentation (even more so when it’s just one solo instrument) still retains the spellbinding magical allure to effect. Technology as a […]

Gratitude & Greetings !

I’d like to thank each of you who participate with us in this ongoing production of our experience traversing the ‘Light Fantastic’ for your always amusing & interesting contribution to our process. It is always stimulating & appreciated ! I’d also like to take the opportunity that today provides to wish a HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY […]

Sinéad / Shuhada Sadaqat

‘AND THEY WERE AFRAID OF HER, As Well They Should Have Been’. I’ve always had a true regard for the Madame Sadaqat’s fierce courage & intensity of vision. And her non compromising stance towards her Art was never not galvanizing. One of those instances where a woman has neon painted balls much bigger than the […]

Discussing “Introducing The Hardline” in Dolby Atmos

Sometime last year, the great Martyn Ware & I were asked to participate in a Dolby Atmos Theatre presentation of the Atmos Edition of the 35th Anniversary Remastered Version of ‘Introducing the Hardline According to’, my initial foray into the Madness to be met within the Mouth of the Lion. It was genially hosted by […]

Sananda Maitreya wins Best Documentary Music Score at Kiez Berlin Film Festival 2023

Grammy-Award winning artist and BMG songwriter, Sananda Maitreya, has won Best Documentary Music Score at the 2023 Kiez Berlin Film Festival for Welcome to The MadHouse: The Costa Rica Sessions. Welcome to The MadHouse takes place during the summer of 2022 when Sananda Maitreya and his backing band The Sugar Plum Pharaohs (Marco Mengoni, Francesca Morandi & Luca Pedroni), […]