Mr. Magoo (The Insurrection Song)

Taken from the upcoming release: ‘THE PEGASUS PROJECT: Pegasus & the Swan’ out on May 11 2024 ! Pre-order the new double album here: Pre-order the 2CD here: ‘Post Millennium Rock does not get any clearer in its intentions than what this piece of music represents’. This is the song that narrates the […]

The Birthday Song !

I am quite psyched about the first Smoke Signals arriving today from my upcoming release (May 11) ‘The Pegasus Project: Pegasus & the Swan’, via this initial foray into the mystic madness ‘THE BIRTHDAY SONG’ ! But as a bonus to this most blessed day (unless you were Julius Caesar), EIDMAR PRODUCTIONS & myself present […]

TreeHouse Publishing Salutes Martin Luther King Day 2024 !

‘A Salute to Someone who Spoke Up Even During a Time when merely to dare say ‘OUCH, THAT HURT’ was considered provocative, militant, & problematic. The Work Continues As All Good Work Must. Our Fathers Victories Were Not Our Own, Only Our Own Efforts Can Secure the Measure of Liberty Required to Bathe Our Dreams […]

The Ballad Of Rod Steiger

YOU TUBE VIDEO PREMIERE on MONDAY OCT 23RD, 2023 at 5 PM ITALY / 4 PM UK / 11 AM NY / 8 AM LA / 00 AM TOKYO Sananda on “THE BALLAD OF ROD STEIGER”: Along with many other Creative Artists, I share a great love & admiration for good Storytelling Well Presented. It’s […]

Oliver’s Army !

As a Writer & Producer, it is never not refreshing & reinvigorating to be reminded on occasion of what the simple power & elegance of what just ONE SONG SUNG WITH CONVICTION & Basic Instrumentation (even more so when it’s just one solo instrument) still retains the spellbinding magical allure to effect. Technology as a […]

Gratitude & Greetings !

I’d like to thank each of you who participate with us in this ongoing production of our experience traversing the ‘Light Fantastic’ for your always amusing & interesting contribution to our process. It is always stimulating & appreciated ! I’d also like to take the opportunity that today provides to wish a HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY […]