Black History Month !

Sananda & TreeHouse Publishing Salute American Black History Month (naturally just a little bit late…). We look forward to the day when the full accounting of our contribution to the Nation AND the World won’t be such a contentious & heated subject & the truth can be unveiled & freed from its Political Bondage.

We will take the shortest month of the year because the magic of the various tribal diaspora collectivized as ‘Black’ is in being able to take the LEAST GIVEN & transform it into the MOST DESIRED.

To take a Nickel & give back a Dime & then take that same dime & SPIN IT on its HEAD, understanding that you won’t get FULL VALUE IN EXCHANGE but that the Real Value lies in HUMAN EVOLUTION & the great role that we were asked by Creator to play in it, understanding fully that THIS IS NOT OUR HOME nor final destination & that at some point, once WE ARE ALL FREE TO BE WHAT’s WITHIN OUR HEARTS, that once our IMAGINATIONS become the Basic BLUEPRINT of our Lives.

We will be free to return to where we may most resume living the truth of who we are without FEAR, JUDGEMENT, SPOT, or WRINKLE; GIANTS IN SERVICE TO TIME & the Liberation of the BONDAGE OF THE MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT.

We suffer this madness BECAUSE WE CAN & because OUR LOVE IS JUST THAT REAL.

TIME NEEDS US just as we all need one another. Not to mention just a little bit of the Lord’s Grace & Nature’s Sweet Delights.

Sananda Maitreya !
February 2024
Milano, Italia.