Buon Compleanno Madame Francone Maitreya !

Part 1:

Our Family History states that one early morning before school, my Madame Francesca, at 13, was sitting at her family’s breakfast table gazing upon an item she held in her hand. Her mother upon entering the kitchen to arouse her senses with Coffee asked her what she was looking at. To which the burgeoning young daughter answered in no uncertain tone, “I’m Looking At The Man I’m Going To Marry One Day.”

Her mama Daniella, took a quick glance at who this man was on his album’s cassette cover, & soberly replied; “Over My Dead Body ! He Probably Has Girlfriends Everywhere & We Didn’t Raise You To Marry Rock Stars, So Good Luck With That”. Fast forward to 1995. I’m doing a promotional appearance on the stunning Italian Adriatic Coast, which includes an Elite Modeling Agency Sponsored presentation of 12 of their finest fillies. And in the maelstrom of this momentous magnificent madness is where I first met my wife Francesca Francone.

A pivotal year ‘95 was. I’d just become that year tethered to a New Identity, & had also come to realize as fully as I ever would that my life had afforded me every opportunity to recognize that the Merry Go Round of Models, Actresses, & whomever captivated my ever dwindling attention would only continue showing me the SAME EXACT RECEIPTS until I determined to narrow my wandering focus & give it a real go. To make of myself a man freed from the maze.

I’d been granted by the fates the chance to workshop what did & didn’t work, which types fit & which didn’t click, as well as many mirrors to allow me to see who I was & who I wasn’t. I’d been presented with Many Great Teachers of many Shapes & Stripes who taught me a lot about life, including the transparency of tribal identities, & the degree to which we are either trapped or liberated by them, & to whom I would remain forever grateful for the lessons learned, & the love & affection shared. Not to mention as much drama as the wide screen of my memory could be stretched to contain.

I’d only started dating women younger than myself in my early 30’s as before that I took as much as advantage would allow of dating older women, because as a sheltered child whose mother remained a mystery to him, I understood instinctively that I’d be able to advance my knowledge of the world by being mentored by Seduction’s Sirens & their Service to my Seed, whenever it was to transpire & make its way through time’s tenacious grip. I’d always assumed that in the shape of a more perfect world, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS ! That a young man was developed by a mature woman who would then in kind, turn around & do the same with a woman of his own generation when the hour of his tutoring had passed.

Part 2:

Within minutes of having been properly introduced to the young woman for whom December 30 (also the arrival date of Tiger & LeBron for what it’s worth) rendered significant to this posting, I KNEW, I SAW IT ! As if a disclaimer had appeared flashing before my eyes reading ‘WARNING, THIS IS THE WOMAN WHO IS GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, SO DO NOT FUCK THIS UP’. 

And I was moved by the equipoise of her upbringing as well as the nervousness that she couldn’t quite gracefully shield from my intuitive senses. Experience had sharpened my wits to be able to see often enough, what lies beckoning beyond the thin veil separating what we are & what we are willing to show. And I knew that though she was THE ONE, neither of us at that time were yet ready. She needed time, while I needed space to clear some psychic inventory to prepare myself in earnest good faith.

She then moved on to Paris to work, looked after by her agency while doubling her time as an Architecture Student. I wound up after the tour had wrapped, back in Malibu, where the waves awaited more moments of reflection & contemplation, & reconciliation with the past. For 3 years we kept in contact, then for 3 years we lost contact. In 2001, I finally returned to Europe for good & through a mutual acquaintance, Lillian Phillips, we reconnected after Francesca had called Lilly to pinpoint my whereabouts. I’d relocated to Munich Germany where I had began in the mid 80’s (as well as Frankfurt), while I was touring the continent. We made arrangements to reconnect.

But the day before she was to arrive to visit me, 9/11 happened.

Which naturally inspired from her family ‘Fuck That’. Love will have to wait.

And so LOVE DID. And to shorten a story already pressed for less dressing, we married in 2003 so as to find ourselves here in the mountains which have always been her second home, 20 years later celebrating her 48th Year in THIS FORM, IN THIS LIFE  that has given me a sagacious business partner (& at once an Architect, Actress, Model, Journalist, & TreeHouse Tech Support Engineer), unyielding support, undying faith, & more importantly 2 proud & awesome VERY ITALIAN sons. When the book of my life is attempted by the happenstance of less torpor & better timing, more can & will be shared. 


WE ARE HERE, WE HAVE BEER, GET USED TO IT ! And we still all await your book on how to ‘Love & Support An Artist While Still Looking 20 Years Younger & Living to Tell the Tale’.

Sananda Maitreya !


30 December 2023

#Happy Birthday


18  18+30 🙂


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