‘As If What We LOOK Like, Discounts What Is Within Us’

I wish to send forth a Shout Out of Great Respects for what I’ve been informed is ‘NATIVE HERITAGE MONTH’. And since we are now abiding in an age where everyone is ‘coming out of the closet’ & rejuvenating their identities with updates of recognition, I’ve also recently determined that I’d no longer deny the […]

The Cost Of Living

‘We May Not Come In the Shapes U Like But We Come.’ Dedicated to All Tribes Who Toil in the Fields of Harvest, in This, the Land of Plenty. Part 1: My wife & I wished to bring our children to Assisi where we got married 20 years ago on the 30th of June, so […]


‘Who FEELS It, Knows It’- West Indian Saying. In the Spirit of Honoring the Life of the Great Harry Belafonte, We wish upon the world we witness that we one day arrive at the point where we come to see that Civil Rights, Gay Rights, Women’s Rights, Trans Rights, And ALL of the ‘Rights’ that […]