St. Patrick Day 2024

I’d like to express my gratitude for your general response to my latest offering
‘The Birthday Song’. It is SO very much appreciated & is a delight to my spirit.

The same spirit that was touched more than we expected upon hearing of the physical demise of World Party’s great & gifted KARL WALLINGER.

The word ‘Genius’ can now be bought for a dime (& a coupon), but it can only carry any real weight in being used to describe KARL, an Artist, Writer, Producer, Arranger, & brilliant Multi Instrumentalist 5 years my senior who I looked up to.
He was a fellow ‘Beatle-Lonian’ born with prodigious purpose fortunate enough to have been favored by ‘the Welsh Strain’. I remember turning Prince onto him by telling him that “You Gotta Check Him Out, He’s One Of Us.” Then again Karl made no bones about Prince’s perfume wafting in & out of his own stellar & well conceived Productions.
 He left on March 10 a week ago at the tender young age of 66 & I’ve enclosed 3 Songs in the hopes that you will see the value in welcoming Master Wallinger into the cupboard of the mind where our intimacies are sugared by day dreams & the roots & branches of our most closely held desires, & misty mountain scented moments.
So TRUST YOUR BROTHER Sananda & open the door, & let him in, if he hasn’t found space in your own World Party already.
On this most blessed of days, WE ALL BE IRISH BITCHES (if we be at all anything).
Sananda Maitreya !
Sunday 17 March ‘24
Milano, Italia.

PS ….Further to the more Karl represented his wave of musicians who were NOT TO BE TOLD what their music was, as it had been in the past, THEY WERE GOING TO TELL YOU if you were willing to listen. And being equally at home with ANY MUSIC THAT AROUSED HIS MUSE, he created a body of work that any of us would be proud to have been the authors of. He played his part in the removal of specious chains & artificial boundaries, at least the degree to which the system could hold without breaking completely. We Thank Him for the work he left us with & for the struggle he was willing to undertake to preserve his muse’s integrity.

Or we are no more than the numbers assigned to keep track of our existence.
And finally we SALUTE WITH BOTH BLAZES GUNNING the late WAYNE KRAMER of the legendary MC5. He was one of my favorite ‘Guitar Gods’ & his band with whom he made his name, ranks as one of the greatest bands EVER. AND HE WAS COOL AS SHIT !
I had the gleaming opportunity to hang out & work with Mr. Kramer on one of his projects in the 90’s. And the last time I spoke with him, he was working with Stevie Salas, another old friend of mine from way back in the Pleistocene Tar Pits era, when we were all trying to keep busy while the world moved from Black & White to Full Magnavox Color ! Ironically I was trying to get Wayne to set me up with a distributor of one of his Custom American Flag Stratocasters to no avail, as he couldn’t get ahold of any more either.
ROCK IN PEACE WAYNE KRAMER & even in the presence of the Almighty herself, PLEASE don’t forget nor be afraid to ‘KICK OUT THE JAMS MOTHERFUCKERS’ !!!
(Picts courtesy of Flickr)

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