Buon Compleanno Madame Francone Maitreya !

Part 1: Our Family History states that one early morning before school, my Madame Francesca, at 13, was sitting at her family’s breakfast table gazing upon an item she held in her hand. Her mother upon entering the kitchen to arouse her senses with Coffee asked her what she was looking at. To which the […]

New Poem : The Snowman

The Snowman!What Happens to the SnowmanWhen it Melts ?Does it only fade awayLike I’ve feltWhen I’m down on my reason to be ?(Which seems to occur seasonally)When I tighten up my beltTo prepare for the long winter daysShortened by the HoursFar more than it paysWhile sniffles, & coughs & a lingering malaise(along with Tissues Crumpled […]