Buon Compleanno Madame Francone Maitreya !

Part 1: Our Family History states that one early morning before school, my Madame Francesca, at 13, was sitting at her family’s breakfast table gazing upon an item she held in her hand. Her mother upon entering the kitchen to arouse her senses with Coffee asked her what she was looking at. To which the […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day ! Here’s a Poem that Poemetheus & I composed to honor you  on this day of Gratitude & Love. We hope you like it. If you don’t, you can always return it to the Hardware Store & redeem it for a few Sponges & a Bucket Of Nails & Screws. Sananda ! […]

Her Kiss – Behind the scenes

Welcome to this presentation of ‘HER KISS’, a Behind The Scenes view of a song that has been particularly fortuitous for us since the inception of its2 Video Versions premiered into the bloodline of mainstream embrace. It has been honored with a bountiful cache of awards & salutations for which we are most grateful to […]