‘As If What We LOOK Like, Discounts What Is Within Us’

I wish to send forth a Shout Out of Great Respects for what I’ve been informed is


And since we are now abiding in an age where everyone is ‘coming out of the closet’ & rejuvenating their identities with updates of recognition, I’ve also recently determined that I’d no longer deny the truth of my own rich Multicultural Heritage which I’m proud to say includes bloodlines (mainly from my father’s side) that have been attached to the Americas for so very long, that when ‘Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore’, they (my peeps) were the ones who pulled his ass out of the water & into some fresh clothes & creature comforts.

Who’ve been here for SO LONG (But ‘HOW LONG SANANDA ?’), that when Columbus came looking for Gold, they told him to fuck off & not come back until a day had been named in his honor. They’d also informed him when he asked where he’d landed, after a storm had blown his ships off course, “INDIA”, which he in fact believed until corrected by an Atlas.

Iroquois & Cherokee (& I’m told some Navajo) are our main claim, though the tribes too were as ‘Multicultural’ as we in these times presume ourselves to be. Tribes mixed with one another, interbred, & exchanged ideas & philosophies as has long been evolution’s way of strengthening the Gospel of Existence & Survival.

I’m just as proud of my White (mainly Scots-Irish), & Iberian genetic timeshares, though we’ve been besieged by an intimidating doctrine whereby we’ve inherited an identity much closer to our oppressors own COMFORT with how HIS CULTURAL HEGEMONY would prefer to see us, according to HIS understanding while being held hostage to a dehumanizing dominance that insisted on wiping out our history & nullifying our claim.

But again, BLOOD DOESN’T LIE !


Nor does it choose to hide unless its own survival dictates otherwise.

Nor need I need to LOOK like an Iberian or a Sephardic Wanderer to recognize that of which Posterity Pleads Simmering & Shimmering within the Matrix of My Understanding.


For we have journeyed FAR, & with PRIDE & DISTINCTION have we accumulated MUCH in the way of what Graces have favored what elements we blend.

Scots-Irish, West Indian, Berber, Iberian, Native American, Melungeon, Sephardic ‘Conversos’ to the ‘One True Faith’ (upon penalty of death & damnation), & every bit of it maketh of the Me Myself the ‘That & What’ I am, DESPITE THE NAYSAYERS, BRAINWASHING & BEATDOWNS we have had to endure in order to surmount the separation of ourselves from the root, the Erasing & Rewriting of our Histories & Stories by the ‘Divide & Conquer’ tactics of old Colonial strategies.

While being forced to worship the mean & limited shape of his conception of his own God, who we couldn’t help but notice bore an uncanny resemblance to how he imagined himself to be, & the grating contradictions that went along with it.

But though Battered, Bartered, Bandaged, & Bruised as collectively we are,

WE ARE STILL HERE, WE ARE PROUD, & most importantly,


And would have it No Other Way.

For I am the world & the world is me, it belongs as much to me as it does to anyone whose feet are ON, IN, ABOVE OR BENEATH this Earth, as well as WHOVER ELSE may be hovering Beyond the Ethereal Expanse of our Conditioned & Primitive Vision of this Heavy Footed, Boot-laced yet Beautifully Bountiful Earth.

No GRAVE SHALL HOLD MY BODY DOWN, NOR SHALL ANY MAN, WOMAN, CHILD, ORGANIZATION, BUTTERFLY, OR BEAST tell me what & who I am, because it is my blood prerogative to LIVE WHAT I AM, AND WITH AUTHORITY, free of the unnecessary interventions of anyone one else’s fears or insecurities, or fealty to false, unworthy doctrine.

So I say to you, IF WE ARE HERE, WE BELONG HERE, WE ARE NEEDED HERE, for we are ALL NATIVES TO THE MOTHER EARTH, though the Stars may be the Fathers of us all.


And we bless those who, in the past while brutally oppressing us, & justifying it with the pseudo science of convenience, & its delusional apologists, became just as fucked up & confused as those they whose true inheritance & spiritually sustaining cosmology they chose to upend & suppress.

But forgiven when ready to accept it they are, because AT THIS POINT, WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT with Michael doing our best to Rescue our Lives from the Unmerciful Indifference of the Restless Waves, to Anchor Ashore, & with a View Towards Planting Our Feet On Higher Ground, Planting Our Savage Seed, that it grow into the Tree Of Life that Our Commitment to Love can Nurture It As, While Harvesting the Sweet Fruits that Spring Forth from the Tears that we have Shed.

And the Blood that the Soil Accepted as Down Payment as our Investment in the Future We All Deserve, should we but Dare to Imagine, & Reclaim it as Our Birthright.

Sananda Maitreya !
Tuesday the Day Of Mars
7 November 2023
Milano, Italia.

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