THE MiLK OF HUMAN GRATITUDE & KINDNESS ! On this blessed Dr. MLK Birthday, I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my deeply heartfelt thanx to all of you who’ve submitted forth such kind words about our film ‘Welcome to the MadHouse’: the Costa Rica Sessions! Any time one pours such an effort into […]

Welcome To The MadHouse: The Costa Rica Sessions !

Welcome to the MadHouse - The Costa Rica Sessions!

“WELCOME TO THE MADHOUSE:THE COSTA RICA SESSIONS!” DOCUFILM & LIVE ALBUM RELEASES Following from his 2021 studio album Pandora’s Playhouse, multi-instrumentalist and composer Sananda Maitreya presents the dual release of a live album and YouTube docufilm that chronicles the preparation for a 2022 performance in Costa Rica. Giving viewers a rare glimpse into the behind […]