Happy Halloween 2023 !

Autumn has always been my favorite time of the year. Whereas Spring announces the rebirth of everlasting arrival, ‘The Fall Season’ explodes with the marvelous diversity of maturity Whereby the Sensuous Vanity of Nature puts her Exhibitionist Proclivities & her full array of Transformational Tonal Variety on Vivid, Molecular Display. AUTUMN IS ELECTRIC ! AUTUMN […]

The Ballad Of Rod Steiger

YOU TUBE VIDEO PREMIERE on MONDAY OCT 23RD, 2023 at 5 PM ITALY / 4 PM UK / 11 AM NY / 8 AM LA / 00 AM TOKYO Sananda on “THE BALLAD OF ROD STEIGER”: Along with many other Creative Artists, I share a great love & admiration for good Storytelling Well Presented. It’s […]

..Or Maybe Next Year Just Franks & Beans !!

Dear Children of the Sun, I greet you on this day of October 4 2023 to honor our family’s ‘NAME DAY’ It’s called Onomastico in Italian. It’s the day honoring Saint Francis of Assisi, who is the Patron Saint of Italy, we have my lovely Madame Francesca, our Son Francesco Mingus, & my Baptism name […]