Mr. Magoo (The Insurrection Song)

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‘Post Millennium Rock does not get any clearer in its intentions than what this piece of music represents’.
This is the song that narrates the confrontation between Zeus & the Gods of Olympus over whether Prometheus has the Claim to Divine Rights & his father Zeus’ generous favor, or whether he shall be banished from the great Mountain as the half God, half Man imposter & troublemaking reformer that the other Deities fear him as. Even the Lord of Hell refused his countenance.
The Gods saw him as ‘lesser than’ because he’s only half an immortal, but HE SEES HIMSELF THEREBY AS MORE, precisely because he is BOTH a God AND A Man, with the full knowledge of the unlimited range this fact accesses for him as well as its unique limitations in being bound by the heavy weighted density of human consciousness.
And so the King of the Mountain, Zeus, is given the ultimatum he dreaded, “HIM OR US” !
Or we will overthrow you just as we dared to assist YOU in overthrowing YOUR OWN FATHER CHRONOS THE TITAN. And while Zeus, Lord Jupiter, loved tenderly his mesmerizing earth born son, the progeny of an unforgettably passionate union between the great Ruler of Heaven & the Lady of the Lake known as ‘the Queen of Swans’ (Madame Swan), it were nevertheless the case that HE LOVED BEING KING EVEN MORE, a role he’d been prepared for since birth.


BUT LOVE IS BLIND, so we give you without further ado, ‘MR. MAGOO’.
Sananda Maitreya !
April 13, 2024 Milano, Italia.

Writing Edited by W. Marmoset Yarn & POEMETHEUS himself.


Songs Credits:
Written, Arranged, Produced, & Performed by Sananda Maitreya for TreeHouse Publishing, Eidmar Interventions, & ‘Shoot First & Ask Christian Slater’ Productions*

*We’ve no ‘official’ affiliation with the Christian Slater Organization but I’m a Dreamer & WE DREAM BIG !

Video Credits:
Production Company: TreeHouse Publishing & Eidmar Productions
Producer: Francesca Francone Maitreya
Directed by Alan Smithee & S+
Screenplay by Sananda Maitreya
Sananda’s photos by Michela Zizzari
Drawings & special effects by Luca D’Emilio
Album artwork by Sananda Maitreya
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