Happy Thanksgiving !

They can be a pain in the ass, but so can most of the people we love in our lives. I also love the DAYS OF HARVEST, whereby many of the Nuts we’ve stored for Winter are spread out & shared with our companions & those who can appreciate the work, the time, & the […]

11 11 2022

I’d like to thank all of you very much who’ve given notice to our video production of ‘Mama’s Boy Blues’. We are most grateful for the broad & generous reception & are moved to have heard how many other people have been encouraged by it in the various ways in which it has touched our […]

Mama’s Boy Blues

Sananda Maitreya – Mama’s Boy Blues (Live 4K) – YouTube Premiere ‘WHOEVER YOU ARE, COME FORTH’- Walt Whitman.Every generation often presumes upon itself the assumption that our fathers gains are ours to inherit with the merits of their struggles intact, as it concerns the just cause ofFREEDOM & the RIGHTS attained thereof. Instead we come […]

The Separation of the Petals from the Thorns

Let it be duly noted that MAKING A CONSCIOUS CHOICE TO PRAISE SOMEONE’s POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION to your LIFE & TIMES does NOT necessarily EQUATE with a TOTAL BLANKET ENDORSEMENT OF THEIR LIFE EXPERIENCE.   I came with the tacit intention of PRAISING Mr. Lewis, not to BURY him, which many of you began doing with Surgical […]

Jerry Lee Lewis

Eternal Rest to an American Original who Refused to be Contained or Defined by Anyone’s Metrics (or categories) other than his Own. Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Country, Blues, Gospel, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime, Jazz, Pop, Whatever name you put to it, the ‘Killer’ was up to the task & then some. Much Respect to […]

Loretta Lynn

My Great Appreciation for Madame Loretta Lynn came through my late Grandmother,Annie Evans who passed but a couple of years ago in her mid 90’s. Grandma was the daughter of a full blooded Cherokee woman (who for some reason known only to her & the ancestors loved chasing me around the yard in Daytona Beach […]

Her Kiss – Behind the scenes

Welcome to this presentation of ‘HER KISS’, a Behind The Scenes view of a song that has been particularly fortuitous for us since the inception of its2 Video Versions premiered into the bloodline of mainstream embrace. It has been honored with a bountiful cache of awards & salutations for which we are most grateful to […]

Dolby Atmos Competition

  To celebrate 35 years of the album ‘Introducing the Hardline’, we’re giving 30 lucky people the opportunity to attend an exclusive playback event to hear it remastered in Dolby Atmos. There will also be a Q&A hosted with Sananda via Zoom from Milano, Italy and Martyn Ware from London. For your chance to attend […]

Sananda’s Spotify Playlist

Today 35 years ago on July 13 was an Anchor dropped from a Ship Of Sails that Announced the Arrival of a Lifethat extended itself far beyond the Horizon of my Vision & the Realm of my Imagination.Taking us through Waters Uncharted & as yet Unmapped to where we find ourselves now Still Sailingtowards the […]