BIRTHDAY STORY 3/15: THE COUGAR & MR. KÜHN   On this day, my 61st, I’d like to give a well deserved Shout Out to another fellow ‘Ides Of March’ birthday celebrant, the brilliant German Jazz musician, JOACHIM KUHN, who was born on this selfsame day in the Year of our Lord 1944. Upon my salad […]


AN ONGOING DIALOGUE WITH INFINITY’S REFLECTION. All of my heroes are by definition flawed. Nor could I relate to them otherwise as I am a Man & not content to be a Caricature. Nor will we be seemingly content, as a restless, angry breed, until EVERY statue is overturned to reveal itself to be bronzed […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day ! Here’s a Poem that Poemetheus & I composed to honor you  on this day of Gratitude & Love. We hope you like it. If you don’t, you can always return it to the Hardware Store & redeem it for a few Sponges & a Bucket Of Nails & Screws. Sananda ! […]


THE MiLK OF HUMAN GRATITUDE & KINDNESS ! On this blessed Dr. MLK Birthday, I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my deeply heartfelt thanx to all of you who’ve submitted forth such kind words about our film ‘Welcome to the MadHouse’: the Costa Rica Sessions! Any time one pours such an effort into […]

Welcome To The MadHouse: The Costa Rica Sessions !

Welcome to the MadHouse - The Costa Rica Sessions!

“WELCOME TO THE MADHOUSE:THE COSTA RICA SESSIONS!” DOCUFILM & LIVE ALBUM RELEASES Following from his 2021 studio album Pandora’s Playhouse, multi-instrumentalist and composer Sananda Maitreya presents the dual release of a live album and YouTube docufilm that chronicles the preparation for a 2022 performance in Costa Rica. Giving viewers a rare glimpse into the behind […]

Christine MacVie

Rest In Peace SONGBIRD ! It’s an amazing privilege to have been able to leave behind works that will survive long after one has drawn their last earthly breath, and the Madame McVie is one of those very fortunate few whose efforts will move hearts for generations to come. She was the solid link that […]