The Birthday Song !

I am quite psyched about the first Smoke Signals arriving today from my upcoming release (May 11) ‘The Pegasus Project: Pegasus & the Swan’, via this initial foray into the mystic madness ‘THE BIRTHDAY SONG’ !

But as a bonus to this most blessed day (unless you were Julius Caesar), EIDMAR PRODUCTIONS & myself present for your engagement & perusal these other fine offerings from outstanding Artists. Including the first 2 Songs honouring both my hero Sly Stone, & the great Mike Love of the Beach Boys. Both of whom made music that saved my immortal soul from oblivion. Followed by a few other appropriate selections (Jackie, Neil, etc) before being completed by 2 of my favourite Songs covered by CANNONS, a crew whose contribution to the scene gives me confidence & joy.

Happy Birthday & while we’re at it, LET US GET A JUMP ON A HEADSTART FOR ST. PATRICK’s DAY !!! What have we to lose but possibly a couple of days in between now & then !

Sananda Maitreya

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