Happy Thanksgiving !

They can be a pain in the ass, but so can most of the people we love in our lives.
I also love the DAYS OF HARVEST, whereby many of the Nuts we’ve stored for Winter
are spread out & shared with our companions & those who can appreciate the work, the time, & the effort we’ve invested in securing the Fruits of the Harvest as our just reward.

This year has granted SO MUCH for which to be grateful & to give forth thanks in the same gushing manner from which sprang the well of blessings the bountiful cornucopia provides as evidence of mercy’s timely grace & stately beneficence. On behalf of my family, & TreeHouse Publishing, I’d like to thank you all for what your attentions have returned to us this year in forms too numerous to subjugate with the substance of language alone. And we extend to you in kind all of the positive vibrations your hearts can hold, & your thoughts sustain. It has always been our great pleasure to be among those fortunate few that you allow to entertain & amuse you & to share the intimate moments that wavelengths propel towards the tempo of eternity & the rhythms layered between time & our next breath.


Sananda Maitreya !
24 November 2022
Milano, Italia 🇮🇹.

‘Squirrel courtesy of Local Nuts & Berries Squirrel Collective Branch

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