11 11 2022

I’d like to thank all of you very much who’ve given notice to our video production of ‘Mama’s Boy Blues’. We are most grateful for the broad & generous reception & are moved to have heard how many other people have been encouraged by it in the various ways in which it has touched our […]

Mama’s Boy Blues

Sananda Maitreya – Mama’s Boy Blues (Live 4K) – YouTube Premiere ‘WHOEVER YOU ARE, COME FORTH’- Walt Whitman.Every generation often presumes upon itself the assumption that our fathers gains are ours to inherit with the merits of their struggles intact, as it concerns the just cause ofFREEDOM & the RIGHTS attained thereof. Instead we come […]

Her Kiss – Behind the scenes

Welcome to this presentation of ‘HER KISS’, a Behind The Scenes view of a song that has been particularly fortuitous for us since the inception of its2 Video Versions premiered into the bloodline of mainstream embrace. It has been honored with a bountiful cache of awards & salutations for which we are most grateful to […]