Mama’s Boy Blues

Sananda Maitreya – Mama’s Boy Blues (Live 4K) – YouTube Premiere

Every generation often presumes upon itself the assumption that our fathers gains are ours to inherit with the merits of their struggles intact, as it concerns the just cause of
FREEDOM & the RIGHTS attained thereof.

Instead we come to see that although the ‘Sins Of the Fathers Are Passed On to their Sons’, each generation must for itself renew Freedom’s promise, while reinventing its meaning to define what purpose it shall serve according to the era in which we wish to express the breadth & reach of our collective humanity & the measure to which we see ourselves in alignment with our higher values. For it is in the ‘PUSHBACK’ that we come to know the depth of our strength & how our oppressors come to feel the lengths to which we are willing to fight the good fight to reclaim what we know in our hearts are the BIRTHRIGHTS deserving of the Children of Creation’s Light.

We proudly present to you ‘MAMA’s BOY BLUES (Live 4K)’ from ‘Pandora’s PlayHouse’, our contribution to these times being witnessed, as a pivotal moment in our shared human history, as we all come to see & in our various demonstrations extract our shapes from the dust & project our postures towards the fulfillment of that which we regard as worthy of the legacies that we shall in turn leave as examples to the future tribes of earth.

A great wise man centuries ago surmised that ‘MAN WAS NOT MADE FOR THE SABBATH, BUT THE SABBATH WAS MADE FOR MAN’, which expresses as well as could be passed along the broader notion that if the Laws & Rules are not to OUR measure, then those Laws & Rules must not be allowed to hinder the march of our evolution & the progress that our time & spirit demands, as we Cut the Cloth to suit our dimensions, in the Fabric of our Imaginations.

Sananda Maitreya !

This Video is an excerpt from the soon to be released Concert Documentary film,
‘Welcome to the Madhouse’, a TreeHouse Production. Please Enjoy !

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Sananda Maitreya !
TreeHouse Publishing
Milano, Italia
October 31st, 2022.

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Words & Music by Sananda Maitreya
recorded live at TreeHouse Publishing – studio B
FOH Matteo Sandri
MIX Massimo Faggioni
Mastering Claudio Giussani
© 2022 TreeHouse Publishing

Video Credits:
Directed by Luciano Boschetti
Produced by Francesca Francone Maitreya
The Sugar Plum Pharaohs are: Francesca Morandi on Bass,
Luca Pedroni on Guitar, Marco Mengoni on Drums and backing vocals.
DOP: Paolo Poletti
Assistant: Marcello Seves
Post Production: Luciano Larotonda – Roundabout
Colorist: Leonardo Masoero
Make Up: Francesca Galantino

C+P 2022 TreeHouse Publishing

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ps This Video is not the Recorded Studio Version present on the album ‘Pandora’s PlayHouse’, which will have its own Lyric Video presented for your perusal in the days to come, if fortune favors & fevered phantoms fail.

Rather this version of ‘MAMA’s BOY BLUES’ is a group effort enacted by myself & my live performance associates ‘The SUGAR PLUM PHARAOHS’ with whom I’m blessed to work when called from the safe confines of my studio towards the gladiator’s arena of the live stage & the hungry lions attending. This particular performance is an except extracted from an upcoming Concert Documentary Film ‘Welcome to the MadHouse’, whereby we show ourselves as artists in preparation for a scheduled engagement & a lot of what goes into it to make ourselves ready for public consumption. 
As stated in the video, with me are: 
MARCO MENGONI, Drums & Backing Vocals
& myself SANANDA MAITREYA, Guitar & Vocals
(& Calisthenics Coordinator, Adult Burping Supervisor)
All of whom I thank for their wonderful participation.
We also thank Chasen Ketchenegger Security Services
& Eidmar Productions.
This video is also sponsored by our good friends at 
‘Shoot First & Ask Christian Slater’ Productions, for whom we’ve no ‘Official Professional Affiliation’, but a Good, Good Feeling nonetheless,
‘The Church of Abstract Physics’, which is not a Church in any way but IS an excuse for associates to get ‘abstracted’ & mildly distorted while speaking as though their opinion actually matters, & ‘The Adult Burping Society’, because ADULTS NEED A GOOD BURPING TOO ! And shouldn’t be deprived based on Age Prejudice & the Outmoded Weighted Assumptions of the past.
Thank you,
Sananda & All of the Good Head Scratchers at TreeHouse Publishing !
Monday 31 October 2022.
#HappyHalloween #AllSaintsDay

© TreeHouse Publishing, Oct 31st 2022.