‘Who FEELS It, Knows It’- West Indian Saying.

In the Spirit of Honoring the Life of the Great Harry Belafonte,

We wish upon the world we witness that we one day arrive at the point where we come to see that Civil Rights, Gay Rights, Women’s Rights, Trans Rights, And ALL of the ‘Rights’ that we’ve divided into subdivisions of special interests so as to greater harass, ridicule & marginalize, are all but distractions & diversions from the Greater Mean, from the Real Issue, which is our collective ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’.

For these are ALL HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES, because every person who lives, has the native spiritual rights to exist as they themselves feel themselves to be. And that the world is a big enough place for ALL OF US. And that No Person need spend their time apologizing to another about who they recognize themselves to be.

The Sun Shines Upon Us All, & my issue with your existence is MY issue to work with & through & not yours. We, sparing none, have ALL been given our work to do. You have yours, & I have mine. And May the spirit of Love Bless Us All.

And May Respect for One Another & the Cross We Must All Bear Guide Us All.

And we are not obliged to ‘understand’ each other’s lives in order to accept them.

I don’t need to ‘understand’ your life to respect that it IS your life (& not mine).

And it is fitting that yesterday, the 25 April 2023, was Italy’s National Day of Liberation from the forces of fascist tyranny. The energy of tyranny will never not try to find its way out of the shallow graves it lies uneasy within, while the beating heart of liberation will never cease trying to shed the shadows which engulf its shine.

So THANK YOU HARRY BELAFONTE for the graces & all of the people & places you’ve blessed with your shine. May we all grow a bit from its purpose & perspective. For we each have the right to design our lives around what perspectives illuminate our sense of the world, regardless of how our sensibilities may differ from our neighbors.

Sananda Maitreya !
Thursday 26 April ‘23
Milano, Italia.


© TreeHouse Publishing, 26th Apr 2023

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