On this blessed Dr. MLK Birthday, I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my deeply heartfelt thanx to all of you who’ve submitted forth such kind words about

our film ‘Welcome to the MadHouse’: the Costa Rica Sessions!

Any time one pours such an effort into attempting to capture a slice of real time, all natural blemishes bared, it comes as sweet relief that it has been received in the spirit in which it were given. And allowing one’s self to be captured in a ‘No Holds Barred’ type of fashion can cut in many ways, some uncomfortable, contrary to intention & deep.

But I’ve always blanched at much of the ‘falsity’ & fear of exposure that accompanies much of the procession of my profession & have always sought to live my life as transparently as was my true nature to reveal. We are each pretty much capable of being different people according to the social settings we find ourselves in, our language & communication format varying according to the milieus with which we are engaged. We humans are nothing if not ‘adaptable’.

I was encouraged early in my exposure to ‘the game’ to best protect myself by being as open & honest about what & who I am, & to live a true & consistent life, so as to give no real ammunition to those who would seek to use disclosure to weaken & destroy, the castles one builds not too far from the shore,

While at the same time being more than capable of holding close to my bosom the confidences of friends & lovers. ‘NOTHING TO HIDE IS NOTHING TO LOSE.’

And I’m fortunate enough to have been additionally favored by Providence with not giving much of a damn how people judge me or gauge my sanity once I engage the certainty of which direction I must travel. ‘TRUST THE INNER VOICE ALWAYS’ & this has been forever the compass that I depend upon to find my way through the detritus & effluvia of space time & whatever asteroids (& hemorrhoids) whiz past the Time Machine that is my karma, my life.

As long as I proceed without malice & the willingness to be held accountable for my actions, for as long as I yield to the basic majestic truth of the ‘Golden Rule’ (Do Unto Others As You’ve Have Them Do Unto You), I bear responsibility for no one’s Mind Set but my own & those for whom I am conjoined by blood & spirit.

Every person on Earth has A Cross to Bear & our Prejudices are not so much our

FAULT, as much as they are our KARMA. And we ALL have our work cut out for us, without exception.

So, on the same day that A Messenger is being honored for HIS willingness to forgive those who could not see the truth of him simply because they could not yet see the truth of themselves, I take this moment in time to THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY TO MY PROJECT & for the support my work has so fortunately found in the generous graces of your existence & in the trenches of your consideration.

We dedicate this to an old friend & neighbor most recently demised, Madame Tatjana Patitz. She was much too young, then again, so are we all.

Sananda Maitreya !

Monday, 16 Jan 2023

Milano, Italia.


© TreeHouse Publishing, 16th Jan 2023

Pix Courtesy of Flickr.