Part 1

There’s something that I say to my family & friends in the moments where it is instructive to remind them that “It Isn’t Your FAULT, It’s Your KARMA.”

This is something that I received from my own spirit once a few years ago in a dream that I were engaged in while in the midst of one of my periodic low funks of temperament, which was often accompanied by the reflexive need to further add fuel to the blaze by punishing myself with merciless Self Judgment, that most sneaky & evasive of cold hearted vixens. Which takes no prisoners & cuts no grain.

Though I’ve since come to bear witness to the fact that DEPRESSION is not necessarily something that I create myself (though alas, it does have its creative benefits, positive ‘side effects’ if you will) but rather AN ENERGY THAT I WAS ASKED TO WORK WITH (as well as through).

Differentiated of course from the low moods encumbering the spirit which may in fact be the result of our own actions born of blindness & ignorance, or perhaps intentional malice. And which we are all made the better for in being willing to take corrective concourse through the simple expedient of taking responsibility for accountability. For the Universe expects nothing less of its children than the willingness to be RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENERGY THAT WE CREATE.

For WHOEVER WE MAY BE, regardless of our own self opinions regarding the vision we have of ourselves, be they high or low, we must be responsible for the energy that we create, because it always comes back to us anyway, whatever we may deign to think of it.

And while our ‘societies’ may give us a free pass, based on its image of us, KARMA DOES NOT.


And the Laws that Bind Energy to Matter care little whether we happen to ‘believe’ in it, or ‘accept’ it, as it believes in & accepts itself & the greater purpose for which it were brought into existence.

Part 2

Despite being one of the obvious ramifications of having been possessed by the spirit of overindulgence & the chemical rebalancing act that the brain undertakes to restore its equilibrium, whether by exhaustive fatigue, drugs, alcohol, or perhaps the even worse damage inflicted upon it by the corrosive & debilitating effect of Self Loathing, discursive Self Doubt or Deep Seated Anger deprived of a useful outlet for transformation (anger after all being a tremendous fuel source transferred into productive exhibitions) & respecting its nihilistic power to end the desire for living, & its disturbing tendency to blind all avenues of rational thought & logic, as often as not, Depression is simply ‘OUR DAY IN THE BARREL’.

Representing time that we’ve inherited from our bloodlines, whereby we are passed a baton with the expectation that it is now OUR TIME to ‘SIT WITH THE GHOST’ & play nursemaid to the shadow of its intensity. What vexed my father & my father’s father & his before HIM will eventually be passed on to me, to do with it what I might to buffer for the next generation what may otherwise bedevil it. Proceeding with the knowledge that with each generation that works WITH & THROUGH it, it loses the power to cause greater damage to the genetic structure abiding it.

And with perhaps the fortune of knowing that the less hatred & judgment we hold against it, THE CLEARER ITS PURPOSE & the WAY THROUGH BECOMES. For what May in fact FEEL like a CURSE is in actuality but AN OPPORTUNITY for the Alchemical Transformation of the Base Metals of Damaged Emotion into the Hierarchy of Healing & Understanding. Greater Things Lie through the Path of Surrender.

And as it goes, AN EASY LIFE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. An EASIER way perhaps, but Easy produces A HARD HEAD & A SOFT MIND. And A Lazy Cynical Soul.

As well as perhaps a paralyzing mistrust of the work required to which we are called to do on behalf of the strengthening & repair of the way through which we’ve been called to come. Nothing changes the fact that we’ve all our crosses to bear.

DEPRESSION IS NOT AN ANSWER, but merely a QUESTION, regardless of how challenging at times that question may appear.

And like the April rains, it diminishes in scope the more willing we are to not hang on to it as a verdict on the damnation of our souls. IT AIN’T YOUR FAULT, IT’S YOUR KARMA.

Depression is not an indictment of our character but a gateway to empowerment & an agent of change. It invites us to spend the moment with ourselves & to love what we find, despite what appears to be all evidence to the contrary.

All Moons, No Matter How Luminous, Have A Dark Side.

And what we find there deserves our embrace just as surely as does the light that illuminates the lightning that strikes our spirits with fortune, for without the darkness, light has no canvas on which to paint its visions of dreams & the reality it colors with purpose. WE WERE BORN TO TRANSCEND & Depression Is A Stepping Stone to Life Beyond the Mundane, the Morose, & the Maelstrom of Molecular Matter.


Because we work for time, until we arrive to realise that TIME WORKS FOR US & WE ARE THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE & far more than just the residue of chance & its residual reverberations.’

Sananda Maitreya !

Written on Monday May 1, 2023, Milano, Italia.


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