Pandora’s Xmas

Pandora's Xmas

‘While finishing ‘Pandora’s PlayHouse’ I recorded these 2 vintage songs of mine as instrumental, just me & the piano.‘Time Takes Time’ & ‘Share Your Pain’, but here repurposed as ‘TIME TAKES MORE TIME’ & ‘SHARE YOUR PAIN REPRISE’.They both captured for me & summarized the season that we’ve all recently passed & moved beyond.Looking backwards, […]

New Press!

The website has been updated with a bunch of New Press talking about Sananda’s recent collaborations: 1) “Reflecting Light” w/ the amazing australian band The Avalanches 2) “Creuza De Ma” – a pro bono project in favour of the reconstruction of the Genova bridge, with the wonderful Dori Ghezzi and 18 Italian artists. Sananda wrote […]