Happy Birthday Elvis !

I’d like to take this opportunity to Wish A Happy Birthday to Me & Francesca’s Youngest Son Federico Elvis Maitreya, who on this day also blessed by the birth of Pablo Picasso (though a few years ago if memory serves) turns 11 !

Though both our sons bear the unmistakable mark of their father, as sons often do, Elvis is the one that takes after me a bit more in temperament whereas Francesco Mingus, our oldest, is a much closer reflection of his Mother’s nature.

Which makes it somewhat easier for us to blame one another when one of them turns one of the typically moody shades of adolescence’s Tantrum Yoga & the many shapes contained therein.

They are both open, friendly, & loving in the way of the Italian Cultural Archetype, though Elvis is the more demonstrative in his boundless & exuberant affections, sharply balanced however by the fact that while his brother Mingus is the Gemini ‘Peacemaker’ & Diplomat, Elvis, a Scorpio, is much more of the ‘Shoot First & Ask Christian Slater’ type. It isn’t worth your brioche to cross him, as he’s hair trigger quick to stand up for himself as well as admirably for his friends. And the unmitigated adoration that he displays for his dad is worth all of the hair pulling incidents that young boys manufacture out of the ethers of their ever changing environment.

He’s currently home from school early in honor of his personal holiday playing PlayStation with one of his good friends Edo, who rather cheekily informed me upon entering the house that “He’d Seen A Video Of Me When I Was Much Younger”. The Logic & Mercy of Mature Restraint kept me from smacking this little bitch in the back of his head, a time honored execution common to the culture called a ‘Sberla’. I thought to inform him that if I were ‘much younger’ he must have been an embryo, but thought it best to hold my tongue & remind myself that the mind of children are often a vortex too deep from which to easily climb out of with one’s dignity intact.

And while we are here, we would also like to extend towards your graces a heartfelt ‘THANX’ (!) for your thrilling & satisfying reaction to our Video Presentation of ‘The Ballad of Rod Steiger’. We are certainly grateful for your appreciative response & will have further announcements in the near future that we here at TreeHouse hope you will find gratifying. We never take for granted the connection that we’ve managed to forge with your generosity & tolerance as it concerns our efforts & the work that aims always to speak from my heart to yours.


Sananda Maitreya !

25 October 2023
Milano, Italia
13 Weddafokowi Blvd.

PS…Federico Elvis was born on a Thursday, the same day that I came howling into the world like a forgotten child of Jumping Jack Flash. And evidential to the fact that he’s a Papa’s boy, he had the courtesy to be born at an Hour much easier for me to remember than not, 4:20 AM. As that time grew closer & his arrival more imminent, I literally spoke to him that it would be optimal for him to come exactly at that moment rather than some other disparate odd number like 4:18 or 4:23.


And as one might imagine, as soon as I got back home from the hospital’s all night vigil that early morning to get some rest before my later return, in his benevolent honor, I packed my professorial pipe with some of the Good Lord’s Precious Green, & exhaled my gratitude & great relief for the health of Mother & Son from the root of my lungs to the top of the white velvet clouds, that it reach the heavens, awaken the slumbering Moon, & tickle a few tummies in turn.

#HappyBirthday #Elvisturns11

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