..Or Maybe Next Year Just Franks & Beans !!

Dear Children of the Sun,

I greet you on this day of October 4 2023 to honor our family’s ‘NAME DAY’
It’s called Onomastico in Italian. It’s the day honoring Saint Francis of Assisi, who is the Patron Saint of Italy, we have my lovely Madame Francesca, our Son Francesco Mingus, & my Baptism name which is likewise Francesco (& serves as my middle name).

I also have a Grandfather & Uncle who were both named Frank, one reconciled to forever being the Junior of the other, & my mother whose name is Frances.
I’ve a beautiful English daughter who also carries Frances within the sachet of her nomenclature’s cachet.

My wife’s grandfather was also christened Francesco (Franco). And her father’s last name which she proudly carried until I put the Maitreya mojo upon her is Francone. (And all of this from a man who once lived in Frankfurt Germany, & thankfully after the War, for had I been there during the war my act might’ve bombed. But all jokes aside, I lived but a short 3 blocks around the corner from Anne Frank’s house).

So Frankly, (if Frank I may speak), I’ve been pretty hemmed up & in by the Francophonia, not to mention the Francophilia of the Francotomy Dichotomy.
And it’s getting pretty Francodelic up in here ! These ranks are swelling with the Frankness of Assumption’s Francosity ! What also makes, perhaps not coincidentally (not to worry, I’ve a quite comprehensive ‘Coincidental Plan’ with my Coincidentist) this day so special in the Cosmology of my Primordially derived existence is that October 4 2001 was the day that I legally & officially became acknowledged by the State & its Systems worldwide as Sananda Maitreya, making October 4 both my ‘Name Day’, AND my Name Day ! And essentially a second birthday to boot.

Pretty Cool how that all lined up so well for a Brohams.

So the family & I, along with our beloved ‘Odd Man Out’, Federico Elvis whose Onomastico is July 18, will be eating our traditional Name Day meal of copious quantities of several varieties of Sushi, enabling the salubrious gluttony of our little feast. And with a nicely appropriate cake to round off the evening’s savory revelry (though I’d not advise saying the words ‘Savory Revelry’ too fast more than 2 or 3 times in a row, you’ll sound inebriated & disoriented, though admittedly there ARE times when Disorientation can be kind of trippy especially if you can manage to remember which fork goes in your nose, & which spoon goes in your ear).

We will also be listening to the recently released music of a very good friend of our family’s, ‘SKY TALES’ from the Artist & Composer CESARE PICCO. It’s a quite convincingly brilliant exposition into deep ‘Chillaxation’. No vocals, just beautiful, restful, but very imaginative music exquisitely arranged & performed. It’s Spacy in a Pink Floyd-Ian mode. And made all the more listenable by the fact that Cesare is a really GOOD DUDE. He wrote & framed a Composition for our son Mingus upon his Baptism.

So yes, we are biased but NOT a Con Artist.

So, if & when you find a few moments to spare, do please YouTube Maestro Picco’s
SKY TALES. You’ll be Magic Carpeted to the Sacred Land within that reveals to us the verity that we are indeed but the ASTRONAUTS OF INNER SPACE*, defining ‘reality’ as it fits & suite the experiences we bring to bear upon its flexible frame.

And not to be a tease, (O Please Baby Please…) but Stay Tuned for a few Positive Announcements of what the next days & weeks promises to deliver on our behalf.
With the proviso as the great Hank Williams would say, ‘‘If the Good Lord Be Willing & the Creek Don’t Rise’’. It’s been a very productive year so far & we wish to share with you all what Grapes the Harvest has Wrought. The Wine is Sweet & Ready & will be pouring soon.

Sananda Maitreya !
October 4, 2023
Milano, Italia.

*Yes, I’ve claimed this title for a project in the works. Though we have in fact used this several times in the past before as an expression.


© TreeHouse Publishing, 4th October 2023.