More Love, Regenerated !

From the heart of my spirit I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated (from your own perspective) in my collaboration with Maestro Calvin Harris, Riva Starr, & Love Regenerator. As advertised, you definitely helped ‘Regenerate’ quite a lot of Love.We are also grateful in advance for what Love will […]


The Madame Maitreya went with one of her ‘besties’ to a Bellini opera at Milano’s fabled ‘LA SCALA’. Her interest peaked by the fact that FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME ever, a woman, SPERANZA SCAPPUCCI, conducted the orchestra. As well as the first woman to conduct anything there at all since 1995. I confess to […]

‘LIBRARIA DYSLEXIA’ Presents: Giuseppe In Africa !

  ‘LIBRARIA DYSLEXIA’ Presents: Giuseppe In Africa ! (A Tale Of 2 Cities or A Sale Of 2 Titties ?). The English language is a wonderful, flexible beast. Unlike the beautiful French tongue whereby academic gatekeepers are responsible for keeping the lingua ‘pure’, English invites endless innovation & absorbs more easily the creativity that it […]


‘TRUE CONFESSIONS’ of Maitreya (Or, How To Survive A Church & Culture Blaming You for Its Indoctrination). Sponsored by the Artificial Art Officials, The Adult Burping Society, & the Church of Abstract Physics. January 4, 2022. Edited by W. Marmoset Yarn for ‘Shoot First & Ask Christian Slater’ productions. (These are excerpts that shall later […]