Her Kiss – Behind the scenes

Welcome to this presentation of ‘HER KISS’, a Behind The Scenes view of a song that has been particularly fortuitous
for us since the inception of its2 Video Versions premiered into the bloodline of mainstream embrace.
It has been honored with a bountiful cache of awards & salutations for which we are most grateful to have received.
We are currently excited about other things being prepared for your consumption between now & the end of the year & find ourselves as busy as we’ve ever been before during my over 35 years of professional service in an industry as changeable as is the mottled skin of the Chameleon, or the complexion of a breeze shifting Autumnal landscape of trees. Naturally as we gather closer to the inevitability of these upcoming releases, we will with muted trumpets blasting, alert you to their presence.
I’d like to dedicate this video to various (as of late) departed artists who’ve each touched my life. The Songwriter Lamont Dozier, an ‘Eminence Gris’ among the greatest writers of our music’s storied history, Judith Durham, whose song with her group The Seekers ‘Georgy Girl’ were among the very earliest songs to have stolen my musical imagination accompanied by her unforgettable voice, & the Madame Olivia Newton-John who provided for me a bonding link with my favorite school teacher of my life, my Junior High School Music Mentor, Mrs. Mildred Clark. It was my dear Mrs. Clark that helped to nurture within me, the musical vision that has served to produce many of the fruits that I’ve been blessed to have been able to share with you over these past 3 & one half decades, as well as having stroked the budding confidence buried beneath my doubts, that have secured for me a place among the survivors of my craft.
To ALL OF THEM I send My Kiss, as fervently as I send it now to YOU !
And I thank you for having been a witness to everything that we’ve gone through together. Without you I am but yet another lonely voice crying out in the vast wilderness of the void.
Sananda Maitreya !
Milano, Italia 

© TreeHouse Publishing, Aug 10th 2022.