New Music: ‘PROMETHEUS & PANDORA’ – Ch.3

My Beloved Friends,
Welcome to
Prometheus & Pandora’s last Chapter,
‘Pegasus & Food For Trout’.

All Things Considered, We Hope It Adds
A little Food For Thought
And not any ‘Fishy Suspicions’
Since a ‘Fish Out Of Water Is A Fish Out Of Luck’.

We present these Dozen pieces from the larder
of our heart & hope that our efforts find resonance
In the milk of your emotions.

‘Prometheus & Pandora’
Upon being mastered to our highest specifications,
Will include MORE new songs & surprises that we hope Will Please Your Soul.

Please Enjoy The Songs & Most Of All
Thank you so very much for your encouraging response & reactions thus far.
We too are excited to be near the very end of this incredible Journey & We Hope To Be Seeing You Soon !

All Things Considered,
I Am A VERY Lucky Man
To have the relationship with you that I have been fortunate enough To attain.
So take this FOOD FOR TROUT.
( And Take It All, If You Take It Out).

With Much Gratitude & Appreciation,
Sananda Maitreya,
Pegasus & TreeHouse Publishing !



click on the picture below to get the music: