More Love, Regenerated !

From the heart of my spirit I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated (from your own perspective) in my collaboration with Maestro Calvin Harris, Riva Starr, & Love Regenerator.

As advertised, you definitely helped ‘Regenerate’ quite a lot of Love.
We are also grateful in advance for what Love will be in the future an aspect of our mutual Regeneration process.

It’s been 3 & 1/2 decades now since we first met in a space time continuum & galaxy far, far away & I remain ‘never not amazed’ at how faithful has been the tender fidelity towards the presentations that have spewed forth from the fountains of youth & magic that I’ve been privileged to have borne witness to & deliver through hard work & the bountiful Grace of God.

This summer will mark 35 years since my fortuitous debut & I am informed that our old friends at Sony will be rereleasing ‘Introducing the Hardline According To’,
with thereafter to follow as well, a digitally remastered Vinyl edition.

Meanwhile, staring down the old dragons that forever stand poised between my present, future & past, acting as tantrum throwing nemesis with each release & communications, I will also stand fast & remain busy bringing forth New Ideas & Productions as time & the fates allow.

So, once again on behalf of all of us at TreeHouse Publishing & the loving family I am blessed to abide in my wake, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

As I also thank again the great CALVIN HARRIS, RIVA STARR & the Love Regenerator project.

Much Love & Respect,

Sananda Maitreya
Milano, Italia
January 29, 2022 !