Introducing The Hardline

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, we’ve released a digitally remastered and Spatial Audio edition of “Introducing The Hardline”

Sananda’s Poem:

Reintroducing The Hardline According To Sananda Maitreya (The Hardline at 35)

After thousands of songs written
& hundreds recorded & published
& before the dawn of Post Millennium Rock,
(& the rubble of other rubbish)
We return to the scene of the crime
For which we are still serving time on the clock,
The apple of the original sin
Where we are now on the outside looking in
To where it all began
To where the concrete was poured
& the foundation of our future set
To which our life owes a debt
Launching a thousand ships
As many hips & moistened lips
That May outlive us yet
For if rust never sleeps
Then neither does the past
Upon whose frame it leaps
Upon whose doubts it withers
Tempering the times we’ve met
With regrets surpassed
By vows to keep
& more graces to deliver
Veni Vidi Vici
Eenie Meenie Miny Mo
I caught a tiger by the tail
& it refused to let me go.
Take from this what you will
Take the cup & let it spill
While the calendar has
More time to kill
& more fables than those
We know.

Sananda Maitreya !

Introducing The Hardline


© Sananda Maitreya for TreeHouse Publishing, July 1st 2022.