VENI, VIDI, VICI, SUSHI! Full Tokyo Concert Available


We were in TOKYO, just in time for Spring to emerge from its Vernal Stupor and for its Transformative blush to greet us with her Flagrant blooms, and the Fragrant flowers which hung from her trees like the Lapping tongue of a Pussy cat, licking its fur for purrs of Satisfaction. No one who has been to Tokyo ever forgets her. She is ancient and coy, Parallel yet Adjacent, modern and brashly bold. She is a Neon Enema. A tempest’s foil, an Architect’s wet dream. She is the future now! She is the past coiled in the shape of cluttered aspiration. She is lopsided. She grins with buckteeth and moist lips. She is Lancelot’s Lady In Linen. She Tickles, She Teases like Topspin, She Asphyxiates. She grinds, and THEN she gives. Her WEEBLES WOBBLE, But They DON’T FALL DOWN. She invited us to come and bring Post Millennium Rock and our passports with us, and we came. Nick, Enea and I, armed only with our RETURN TO ZOOATHALON set list and a few timely Whisky, Lime and Cokes, aimed ourselves towards the stage at the famed BLUE NOTE, with a chance to share our impression of where the music and the road have taken us, so far. We have always loved playing for Japanese Audiences; it is a privilege and always a Fun and Surreal adventure. And We Were There just as the Cherry blossoms were sighing their surrender across the winds that carried them, ever deeper into the hearts of those who inhale their own Surprise, and even Dare to Dream! Here is RETURN TO ZOOATHALON: LIVE AT THE BLUE NOTE, TOKYO.
Please enjoy, and forgive our human errors! We thank the Blue Note Tokyo for their hospitality.
Sananda Maitreya: Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards, Songs. Enea Bardi, ‘Il Conte’, Bass (and kazoo). Nick ‘The Sticks’ Taccori: Drums, Percussion and Vocals. Music engineered and mixed by Matteo ‘Sergente’ Sandri. Courtesy of Treehouse Publishing 2013. All rights reserved.

This music is dedicated to the liberation and not the further fragmentation of the human soul. Art often suffers from the affliction of having bought into the idea that if it doesn’t serve industry, it has no place in the community, nor purpose thereof. There is a difference between a community, and a demographic.
Thank you,
Sananda Maitreya.

P.S. And remember; ‘If the fish is not on the end of YOUR line, then maybe YOU are the fish!’- ‘Sushi Sue’ & the Band Cheese.

Playlist available here