Tina Turner

My Physical & Emotional History with the Amazing Madam TINA demands a lot more reflection than I’m currently capable of fulfilling, particularly in light of our great love & full scale appreciation for her.

After I catch my breath & regain some equilibrium I’ll share a few thoughts that will be aimed at honouring her, though she’s already been more than honoured by an incredible life story that remains one for the ages & the annals of our fortunate memories.

And made even more satisfying by the knowledge that her philosophy of living did not pander to the fear of, & belief in ‘DEATH’, which is but a Soul Stealing Lie, & Mind Control Imperative.

She simply MOVED ON, after having mercifully moved THROUGH our lives, for which legions of us shall remain eternally grateful.

That she passed on my own mother’s 80th Birthday gave that day an extra twinge but a somehow perfect symmetry as it also served to symbolise & encapsulate what she meant to me, as well as many others. She Suffered & Served Her Time with a Goddess’s Grace & May She Rest in the Crests of the Mountains from which she descended in order to bring her Fire to our Burning, Hungry Souls.

Sananda Maitreya !
Tuesday 25 May ‘23
Milano, Italia.


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– Photo courtesy of Flickr.