The Madame Maitreya went with one of her ‘besties’ to a Bellini opera at Milano’s fabled ‘LA SCALA’.
Her interest peaked by the fact that FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME ever, a woman, SPERANZA SCAPPUCCI, conducted the orchestra. As well as the first woman to conduct anything there at all since 1995.
I confess to having been a bit stunned that no female had ever before lorded her baton over an OPERA performance. But a bit less surprised that by the very next day, her & my wife had struck up a correspondence, whereby the Mrs. shared her excitement & the compliments associated with it.
All too often, time is hampered by the pace of our prejudices & the excuses utilized to keep in maintenance the circle of sameness benefitting those afraid of the march of progress.
In like spirit I share this obituary of the recently departed EVERETT LEE, another orchestra conductor who had to encamp to Europe to find a place for the motion of his own baton.
Literally upon first meeting the immensity that was the cultural lion called MILES DAVIS, (ironically in Milano, not even a stone’s throw from where I now write this), he predicted with almost absolute certainty that such too would be my own fate.  That I’d enjoy a much longer cultural significance practicing my art in Europe, for he’d witnessed far too much of our shared collective history to have been convinced otherwise.
Not only was he right, he even suggested that I’d probably find France or Italy most suitable to my particular temperament. “You Won’t Last Long In America,
They Will Eat You Alive, Then Spit Your Yellow Ass Out.”
I recall thinking in a barely disguised panic, “Thanks Dude, & How Are YOU Doing This Fine Afternoon ?”
‘Plus Ça Change’ sayeth our cousins, the baguette & cheese munching Frenchies, (The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same) as well as The Who’s ‘Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss’.
We are still grateful that the Maestro LEE found a space to contain his ambition & creative reach. In the history of American art, his story is all too familiar.
Just as we remain grateful for all that Europe has done over the centuries in the nurturing & support of artists who otherwise had no where else to go, to be who THEY were unfettered, while avoiding the caricatures that were required of those who did not manage to escape the tyranny of dogma & dispiriting expectation.
May Master Lee, along with the inspiring ANDRE LEON TALLEY rest in eternal rapture, that they’ve removed themselves from the merry go round of ‘Bullensheissen’ that ever yet affects the turning of the wheel as it spins along the meridians of fate & fickle fortune.
And May the blessed spirit of the hours continue to bless & keep us all.
Sananda Maitreya
Milano, Italia
January 21, 2022.
P.S. Oops, The Madame Francesca just reminded me that today, Friday, I’ve a release coming out with the young Maestro CALVIN HARRIS & his associates in the LOVE REGENERATOR.
May what Love it might generate be passed on to those with ears to hear. As our dear friends the Jamaicans say, ‘WHO FEELS IT, KNOWS IT.’

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