The New Sananda Maitreya Video For “SIAMO QUI”.

Watch the new Sananda Maitreya video for “SIAMO QUI”.

SIAMO QUI is available on the project “THE RISE OF THE ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS”, ch.1 Scarabeo and ch.2 Snowglobia at :

Directed by Emiliano Suardi this video is produced by TreeHouse Publishing.

The idea of the video was inspired by the title of the song: SIAMO QUI that in italian means HERE WE ARE. An intimate and strong message centered on the person , on his aspirations and especially on the relationships between individuals: “we are not alone” and even in times of difficulty we are here and we go on, proudly.

The people , their faces and their personalities are the real stars, there are not only models and actors , but men and women in front of the camera showing their true essence.

The video uses the artwork of the contemporary artists ‘ Blue & Joy ” (Fabio La Fauci and Daniele Sigalot ) with their Paper Planes (the famous airplanes ) and their ” Letter to the Future ” ,” letter to the success ” , which hung in mid-air on sheets of aluminum are the architectural backdrop to the protagonists .

The artwork emphasize the theme of the story : the letters, the notes, the thoughts give rise to the hopes and reflections of each of us that is located in the center of the world.

To emphasize the cut of the viral concept , some people eventually recover with a mobile phone. A kind of self – recovery, which emphasizes the concept of presence and affirmation of himself.

(C) + (P) 2014 TreeHouse Publishing.

Actors: Caroline Eyrolle, Carlo Mascella, Enea Bardi, Nik Taccori, Matteo Sandri, Francesca Francone Maitreya, Alfonso Di Rosa, Sara Baldini, Donatella Lavizzari, Manuela Bottega, Crisula Barbata, Jennifer Tate, Alessandro Coscia, Alice Tassinato, Claudia Monforte, Giorgio Bertolini, Nadejda Samardjieva, Diletta Bonaiuti, Carmen Walsh, Simone Sacco, Davide Fabbrizioli, Mariana D’Amico, Mara Campana, Paolo Giribuola,
Massimo Ottaviano, Matteo Procaccioli, Matteo Villa, Daiga Abeltina, Fanny Nuccio, Joyce Cecchini.

Produced by Francesca Francone Maitreya for Treehouse Publishing
Directed by Emiliano Suardi
Dop: Filippo Traversa
Production Manager: Lorenzo Musso
Camera Assistant: Maurizio Bisol
Make Up: Joyce Maria Vittoria Cecchini
Post-Production: Bloompix srl
Editing: Irene Altobelli
Color grading & online: Paola Anselmino

SPECIAL THANKS to: Blue & Joy for the artwork, Marco Gualtieri, Dompé, FCF, Susanne @ Studio P12Twelve Milano, Francesco Cordani @ Samsung, the wonderful staff of TreeHouse Publishing.