Sananda Live In Vicenza With Orchestra Ritmico Sinfonica

Sananda in Vicenza – La Notte Delle Luci on July 19th, 2019
with Orchestra Ritmico Sinfonica of Maestro Diego Basso, feat. Luisa Corna.

It’s Been A Long Time 00:02:10 w/ Luisa Corna
I Don’t Know How To Love 00:06:45 w/ Luisa Corna
This Town 00:12:30
O Divina 00:16:35
Let Her Down Easy 00:21:50

Recorded Live in Vicenza on June 19th 2019
FOH Massimo Pepe
Mixed by Massimo Faggioni
Special Thanks to :
Luca Prioli and Polizia di Stato, Comune di Vicenza, Regione Veneto, Maestro Diego Basso,
Orchestra Ritmico Sinfonica, Luisa Corna, Giorgia Surina, Filippo Tirincanti, Ala,
Marco Provenzano, Fausto Gazzetti, Giorgio Sinigallia, Giovanni Pavesi, Golf Hotel Vicenza,
all the staff and to the wonderful audience that attended the event.

All songs written & arranged by Sananda Maitreya, except for ‘I Don’t Know How To Love’
written by Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber, arranged by Sananda Maitreya.
© 2019 TreeHouse Publishing