No Reply – New Live Video!


The earliest memory that my recent and deceased past life afforded me was being 2 years of age and being told off for running around our strict Christian abode singing ‘Blues’ songs. And to the vernacular of the fundamentalist formula at the time, the ‘blues’ were anything that wasn’t gospel music, regardless of who happened to be singing it, or what color they were assigned by providence. One of the reasons for my embrace of all music’s was that in my cloistered and conservative culture, all music that wasn’t church music was lumped together in condemnation anyway. In the long run, this suited me fine. As well as added a healthy dose of the forbidden to my constant discoveries as I got a little older and able to absorb things outside of my immediate living environment. If these practitioners were bad because they were making the ‘devil’s’ music, as I were constantly informed it was by tribal elders, then I WANTED TO BE A BAD BOY TOO. Not to do bad things but to do good things. After all, I always considered that the music gave birth to me, as the music gave birth to God and the universe. What little whippings I can recall at the time included having been chastised for singing The Beatles’ ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ and ‘She Loves You’. They are my earliest past life recollections. I was also quite in love with The Coasters’ ‘Poison Ivy’. One of THE coolest things about being in a band is the opportunity to play songs with other assholes like yourself who were brought into music by love. A love of bands, artists, artwork, titles, credits, costumes, hair do’s, and the right shoes. A love for the thrill of being able to strum along and feel CONNECTED to a community, to a continuum, a past, a present and a future, as well as a bridge to parallel worlds. Great songs have brought friends together. Songs have brought families together and sat them in congress with their mutual bonds (as opposed to savings bonds or ‘Gary U.S. Bonds’).

Music takes outsiders and brings them the warmth of inside. As marrow is to the bone, so is music to my soul.

I, Sananda, along with Nick ‘The Sticks’ Taccori, and the ever loose and suave ‘Count’ Enea Bardi, present to you now a song that I have been head over heels in adoration with since first hearing it as an exhaustingly young person. This was our virgin performance of the tune. We were lucky to have a chance to play it before the patrons in one of the world’s most knowledgeable music towns, GENOA, ITALY. If you can get to the Genovese, you have done well. If you can’t, you might want to make sure that a back emergency exit stays clear for a quick getaway before you become a different sort of entertainment than you imagined when signing up for the gig. Welcome back to our RETURN TO ZOOATHALON exercise. And please enjoy our rendition of THE BEATLES’ ‘NO REPLY’.



Lovingly dedicated to masters John Lennon and George Harrison, Brian Jones and Smokey Robinson. Having heroes like these makes it all a bit easier to bear. I am blessed in having had many immaculate heroes who walked the walk. And dedicated to my great friend, mentor and grandmaster, the ever exquisite ‘Saint’ Muhammad Ali! And as always, dedicated to those of you for whom music is a part of life’s compact with our divine spirits. Be well!