New Writings: Pegasus Speaks!

My Dear All,
While Working Hard On The Final Stages Of Prometheus & Pandora,
Including 9 New Tracks, I Thought It Fun To Take A Satirical Swing
At Vanity Fair Magazine’s Proust Questionnaire As A Way To Interview
Prometheus & Pandora While Also Lending Voice To Pegasus.

This Last Chapter Will Be Presented As Chapter 4:’Songs From The Sugar Plum Pharaohs
(& Other Nymphology)’.

I Would Like To Thank Your Patience & Kindness As Well As Your Enthusiasm
For The Project.
And I Would Like To Dedicate It To My Good Friend In Spirit, Chris Cornell.
May God Bless & Keep His Soul.

And May All Of Our Souls Be Kept In The Palms Of Grace.

Sananda Maitreya !

I Am Very Excited For You All To Hear The Final Situation.
It Rocks, As Does Life.