Her Kiss

Sananda’s intro on the song “HER KISS”:


All writers aim to write what can be usefully interpreted on many levels. As with the case of HER KISS.

While it speaks in the voice of longing of the absence of the magic kiss that each lover possesses & then at times declines,
It ALSO manages to speak to the heart of our most enduring nemesis, THE ISOLATING BLINDNESS OF DEPRESSION.

In this manner of interpretation, HER KISS equals the KISS OF LIFE that brings our battle scarred spirits out of the darkness of absence & back into the light of balanced perspective

& reason. The KISS of COMPASSION that brings sobriety back to our perceptions & affectionate embrace back into the hands of our self regard.

In like manner this ‘HER’ is the blessing of the Undisturbed & Peaceful Mind. Allowing for the possibility of Regaining Control of the Story of One’s Life & Reprogramming the Spirit to See Light where it would otherwise succumb to Visions of Darkness & Despair.

And that We Are More than the Total Sum of our own Judgments.

While we hope, also managing to express the time vetted anxiety that taxes all romantic love.
This song is dedicated to all of those who have struggled with depression’s mean moody sabotage. It is a most demanding master & an even worse mistress.

It is equally dedicated to those who love being kissed.

Sananda’s intro to the video:

As a major poet has sung in her time, “I’VE LOOKED AT THE CLOUDS FROM BOTH SIDES NOW.” *

And as someone who has gone from walking into Mick Jagger’s birthday party & seeing my album on his turntable to walking into a music history that I created only to have witnessed being WRITTEN OUT of that SAME history as were I a member of the Soviet Politburo who’d transgressed against the Will of the Party, I present this video for ‘HER KISS’.

It does appear that ART & DEPRESSION go together like a man’s balls & sandpaper shorts, like a bumpy Rubber Glove searching for ‘Irregularities’ like a Gold digger with neither patience nor passion, like Capitalism & Greed with no heart or discernible pulse.

Welcome again to ‘PANDORA’S PLAYHOUSE’, a HOUSE OF MANY ROOMS, representing the journey of the psyche through the times traversing the ZODIAC.

In some of her rooms, we see darkness & the depths of despair being navigated as do ships in a mighty storm, when tossed & rolled by the terrible fists of fate.
We see our good friend TRANSFORMATION come by to soothe the savage spirit towards a visible horizon untouched by the Tantrums of Terror.

We see LONELINESS being overcome & souls reaching out for completion, for confirmation towards the affirmative light. We see an age struggling to define itself according to its own need for greater flexibility & truth.

This is our 3rd time having filmed in this particular residence ‘VILLA ARCONATI’ as it conforms to a TRILOGY whereby this famed residence was utilized to convey the dimensions of Pandora’s PlayHouse, as it mirrors the architecture of the mind in reflection.

You will notice the various ‘Themes, Memes & Symbols’ that are employed throughout to add cohesion & subliminal traction to the subject at hand. And you will notice (as will be the case with the film later to come) that we’ve selected different persons of diverse tribal affiliations to portray Pandora since NO ONE WOMAN CAN DO JUSTICE TO HER FULL ILLUSTRATION.

Nor will she be REDUCED TO A ‘RACE’ since there is ONLY ONE RACE, the incredible HUMAN race, with the rest of us composed of posturing TRIBES, jostling for position & superiority instead of praising the genius of our own existence.

The KISS in ‘HER KISS’ while being personified as a lover in the song is also to be seen as the GREAT KISS OF LIFE THAT ANIMATES ALL LIVING THINGS & which brings cool, fresh water to what Camels in the Long Hot Desert remain, dry tongue hanging in the hopes that a BREEZE will somehow help them determine the location of the well that will bring back to them their gratitude for being what they were meant to be,


We were meant to overcome all challenges with the right attitude & focus. SINCE GRATITUDE INCREASES WHAT WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR.

We dedicate this video to those who whilst in the midst of depression’s surly fog,
Still know that THE LIGHT IS, even if in our Dark Spaces we are too cramped with hostility to see, & who understand that the SUN ALWAYS SHINES SOMEWHERE even when we fail to get from beneath the clouds that obscure the sparks that burn, & the molecular symmetry that dances with the amber flame of life’s blood.

Depression IS A BITCH !

But we are even GREATER BITCHES & deserve to live the light that we are all composed of when not shrouded by the dangling demons of doubt & their false allegories & algorithms, As well as the PLAYER HATERS that govern the games of choice & chance.

As a Capricorn Rising, we are MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS.

At some point we come to see that Depression can be a mountain, but that, with VISION we come to see that IT IS OUR MOUNTAIN & since it isn’t going ANYWHERE ANY TIME SOON, there’s no reason to rush or strain, and if it be your mountain, there’s no reason why we cannot slow down & take the mountain as it comes.

While remembering to shadow ourselves with love as we go.

Until the CLOUDS BURST & instead of rumination we see LIGHT ABOVE US & the flowers being nursed by the fertile rain below. LIGHT CAN FADE WHILE WE REMIND OURSELVES THAT WE ARE IN FACT THE VERY LIGHT WE SEEK, needing only our own permission to shine !

In Sunday School back in the Paleolithic era, we used to sing a song that went: ‘LORD, DON’T MOVE MY MOUNTAIN, BUT GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO CLIMB. DON’T TAKE AWAY MY STUMBLING BLOCKS (our obstacles) BUT LEAD ME ALL AROUND.’


It is the platform from which we proclaim our intentions to RULE THE WORLD ! While the WORLD ITSELF is engaged in its enveloping Transformation exercise in reinvention & resurrection.

We thank very much our director Luciano Boschetti, Francesca Francone Maitreya, TreeHouse Publishing & the rest of our wonderful staff & participants.

Please enjoy our video presentation of ‘HER KISS’. WE LOVE YOU MADLY*

Thank you for your time,

SANANDA Maitreya TreeHouse Publishing Milano, Italia
Autumn 2021 !

*Joni Mitchell (of course) !
* Duke Ellington’s favorite phrase.

© 2021 TreeHouse Publishing

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