So there I was as then I were.

So there I was as then I were.

A military man as green as the uniform I wore.
The Army, Fort Sill, Lawton Oklahoma.

And there SHE was, a fine fortuitous figure bound by
the generous curvature of her Air Force fabric.

I’d previously been looking at a guitar in a music store,
an Aria Pro 2 if memory serves more than drinks, which then faded
From focus upon laying peepers on this most intrusive & immediate

Fast forward to a quiet evening at the apartment of this
young airman. We’d come back from a ‘date’ & both being
Huge music fans, she brought out a record which was of much
Interest to her & which she wanted to share with my ears.

We lay on our stomachs stretching the floor with languorous
panache while listening to THE GO GOs. The ‘Pink’ album.
Bunches of cute bitches on it. Digging it & digging into the moment
As it presented itself to time.

I recall a few more records, each one in a genre more progressive than the
Last, each a measure of the reflection upon which she cast her glow.
She then revealed that she was an ESCOVEDO.

“Wait, you mean THOSE Escovedo’s ?”
Asked the dry mouthed startled soldier.
“Yup”, replied the reclined princess.
“You bitches are like music royalty”.

Fast forward into the days that reveal the long length
Of the shadows left behind & we find ourselves congratulating
My old buddy Belinda Carlisle & the Go Go’s as the enter the
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Madame Belinda & I were label mates for a spell back in the era
When pronouns were simply “MINE” (& leave it alone) & white women
Were not allowed (as of yet) to have ANY ass, at ALL.
“I see you’ve been taking those ‘NO ASSITAL’ pills again, ‘cause girl,
You ain’t got NO ASS AT ALL !”

(Yes Virginia, there was such a time in the barren desert of our humanity).

When time for me to do ‘promotion’, I’d find myself surrounded by the female
Staff & execs at the label while they would ‘Coo’ about their legendary
‘Nights out on the Razz’ with the Lady Belinda, who always seemed to
Be promoting her records right before it were my turn on the roundabout,
& my day in the barrel.

And the stories they told were as much the same as bragging about
Their ability to keep up with her. It was related that she was as much fun
On a Girls Night Out as you could hope to find under a Xmas tree.
And then those cheeky bastards would berate me for not being as much
fun on trips as SHE were. Though I’m not sure that with all of those women about,
My idea of ‘Fun’ might’ve skewered somewhat differently as the night progressed.

Meanwhile, last time I heard, STACEY ESCOVEDO had returned to the Bay Area
Of Oakland/San Fran to beget her progeny, adding to the luster of the clan from which
she hailed. Shortly after we stopped dating (I was sent to Germany, 3AD), her cousin blew up like a volcano, going by the moniker of Sheila E.

And further to the more, time has kept pace with its own promises & moves us towards
The graying of the light which before shone as silver in the eyes of the wheel.
And life goes on. And blesses us with what memories we have earned framed by the graciousness of survival.

Few accomplishments gleam as bright as having survived our own youth.

Now, we wait for THE BANGLES to take their place in the Pantheon of Rock Royals.
Wait until you hear THOSE stories…..

Sananda Maitreya
Milano Italia
December 2021 !


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