Digital MP3 Album – Free Download With CD Pre-Order From Today!

we are excited to inform you that Sananda’s new studio album is now available for Pre-Order and that there is a surprise for all the friends that are members of the “Sananda Maitreya Music Store

if you pre-order the triple CD of “PROMETHEUS & PANDORA” today,
you will be able to download the album in Mp3 version from September 15th, almost a month before its official release date: Oct 13th 2017 !

This special offer applies of course also to all orders placed earlier, for the geeks that found out the pre-order link on the website at before we sent out this newsletter.
Thank you for your loyalty and for wonderful support to SANANDA over the years.
We’re grateful and we hope that you’ll love the music as much as we do 🙂

kind regards and all the best
– Team Sananda