Recently, a figure uncovered by the Brits as the oldest being yet discovered to have lived in the British Isles was revealed to have been a black man (although he himself might have thought of himself in broader terms than those of us currently programmed to see ‘race’ in such meager, narrow & political terms).

His genetics were traced & an Englishman were contacted & told of his ancient ancestor which he accepted with surprise & the ‘jolly good show’ of humor long associated with the United Kingdom’s inhabitants.

I recently found this photo, (the New York Times if not mistaken, maybe even Reddit) & it too was said to be a complete modern imaging of one of our very antediluvian forefathers. WE ARE ALL BLACK, our variety coming from GENETIC MUTATIONS greatly influenced by the adaptations to our travels & the conditions of the earth we were nurtured by in order to survive her own evolution.

Hopefully I’m not offending this dude’s spirit, as he looks like he could invade my dreamscape & kick my ass. Having gotten used to the short end of the stick, we get the shortest & COLDEST month, but we will take it, despite having a SIGNIFICANT part of our true history erased or applied to the achievements of our other tribal family relations.

For there is but ONE RACE, the Human one, & a bunch of tribes bickering like drunken & confused neighbors. My God is greater than your God, my dick is bigger than yours, & the rest of the effluvia of trivia that haunts our worlds as none but destructive data arranged to further divide, rule & conquer.

Many of our fellow earthlings have come & gone, but if somehow against all odds, YOUR TRIBE is yet still here, then YOU COME FROM BAD ASSES who should be venerated, celebrated & praised.

WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE PROUD OF WHO WE ARE, WHY WE ARE, from whence we came & to what ROLE nature & karma has assigned us, regardless of the opportunistic posturing & positioning we get distracted by & used to the advantage of the few who control & contain the many.

So from the darkest to the palest among us, HAVE A GREAT & REFLECTIVE BLACK HISTORY MONTH, because this is YOUR HISTORY TOO, & by the grace & spirit of the great arc of our mutual humanity, you are more than welcome to it.

Sananda Maitreya
Milano, Italia
February 2, 2022
(2/2/22) !

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