Andy Rourke

Time & Current Pressing Engagements prevents me from a more nuanced & detailed elucidation, so with what the Grace of Brevity provides we wish to send our Condolences to the family of the recently demised body of the great ANDY ROURKE of THE SMITHS.

As well as a Shout Out of Respect.

I very much admired the brilliant & inventive way he handled his instrument, the Bass Guitar, STILL one of THE most under regarded of instruments in most of what is marketed as ‘Rock’ based music.

His interaction with the equally innovative Johnny Marr was (& remains) pure magic. And as integral to their sound as were the incredibly singular contributions of Morrisey.

May His Journey through the Multidimensional Fields of Matter be Anointed forever by an Appreciation for what he so generously left behind in his penumbral wake.

Sananda Maitreya !
Tuesday 23 May ‘23
Milano, Italia.

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– Photo courtesy of Flickr.