2013 Piano City Milano – THE CONCERT OF THE BLOSSOMS.

SANANDA MAITREYA at PIANO CITY MILANO – recorded live on saturday May 11th 2013 in Milano – Italy

The SLOW FOOD movement? I’m still trying to recover from the SLOW PEOPLE movement.
Plus, the lines at the slow food restaurants take too long! (And don’t move fast enough).


This PIANO CITY, MILANO event came about after a musician I greatly admire, LUDOVICO EINAUDI, asked me if I wanted a chance to just play piano. It was to be a part of a festival of solo piano taking place at selected areas all over the wonderful city village of Milano Italy. In courtyards, in open villas, in parks and in my case, gardens, pianists of all types and stripes descended upon the town claiming it for 3 days as their own. And leaving their individual stamps, where those impressions could best be felt. And Milano prides itself on being a music culture, with historic undertow to weight its claim. Classical, Jazz, New Age, Avant Garde, Boogie-Woogie; you name it, they came.

For the first time in my professional memory, I were only required to play 40 minutes or so of instrumentation. No singing, no dancing and no other musicians to blame if I screwed up. And armed only with my brown herringbone flat cap, my trustworthy chords (and a couple of jokes just in case it rained) and accompanied by a long overdue sigh of relief, I sat down at a FAZIOLI grand piano beneath a tree blooming with radiance and played the set that I’d prepared (minus one song, which I managed to overlook ‘Has It Been Too Quiet?’) to a passel of people nestled amongst the shrubbery, flowers, trees, and pink blossoms coming out of their winter closets, and bursting to the limits of their own celebration. Nature’s striptease discourse, one petal slowly clinging to its final touch, before loosening its grip and living its conclusions earthbound, or as a sailing vessel perhaps for ants and the beasts that silently crawl as they cross from the river’s edge to the end of their voyage.

These songs represent over a decade of the YIN aspect of POST MILLENNIUM ROCK’S journey through its own tunnels of exploration, hiding from GRAVITY’S GLITCHES while at least having left a blood trail back home from its Achilles’ heel. These are the sounds that the vocabulary of my legacy has left to me. With what pieces we have, we are always striving to put HUMPTY DUMPTY back together, and so restored;

Hopefully, you will enjoy this little concert in the gardens in our fair city of Milano. Behind me was an ancient small Greek temple on whose steps I have often lingered and prayed. I dedicate the best of my love to you. I also dedicate this CONCERT OF THE BLOSSOMS to the ducks and swans in the pond surrounding us and the flowers that fingered the glistening days of May as we played! And we thank maestro Ludovico Einaudi and Piano City! We would also like to thank Treehouse Publishing.
Sananda Maitreya.

P.S. WE also give a shout out of respects to the fish that swam in the ponds and canals, and THIS MESSAGE: YOU ARE MY PEOPLE, and one day I shall return to you! Save me some water!

…and HUMPTY-DUMPTY is recovering quite nicely. He is now having the time of his life as the lead in SHAKESPEARE’S great play about a Prince, Danish and coffee, ‘OMELETTE’. (Staggering back to his hotel room after a night of heavy carousing: “2B or not 2B. Or wait, was it room 2C”?)