The Zugebrian Time Lords Ban All ‘Literal’ Art in their Domains. Only highly obtuse,’figurative’ works are allowed. IRONY is prohibited and even the word ART is discouraged from usage as it implies license and choice and not oppression and obligation. The Time Lords believe in ‘Freedom FROM Expression’. The again, as our Latin ancestors might have said; “SI POTES, CUR NON LICET?”*

Dedicated to the late great trailblazing aura of the Grand Maestra of Arts & Letters who lives on in Spirit, MAYA ANGELOU. And to the great immersing vision of master Jean-Michel Basquiat, who opened doors of perception.

* Loosely translated- “If these other bitches can get away with it, then why can’t I?” Thanks to Google-translate!

Sananda Maitreya.

1. Either I’m losing my mind or I am losing my mother.

(or rabbits hiding in the aftermath of sunrise) .

2. Forget the CHEESE, I am looking for the GOLD.

(Portrait of Francesco pre-school)

3. The Serpent and the Seed.

(or this is what happens when a G takes itself too seriously).

4. And I sang on to the Lord that I break these chains and outgrow my beard.

5. Phlegm vs Them.

(Maestro Cavalli rejected my vision for next spring!)

6. Portrait of Judas in doubt.

7. After taking the Fork in the road, swallow the Mountains until you drink the Sea.

8 a. I Dream of Dancing Neon Flowers.

8b. Los Angeles and the Cactus path.

9. The Owl winking at the Old Man of Night.

10. When 8 hesitates, things shake.

11. 8 relaxing after a colonic.

12. And once again I fell for the Spider’s Mathematics.

13. Abraham Lincoln and his Happy Ass Butlers.

14. Young Rabbits prancing through Camp, pre-dawn in a young Elephant’s Dream.

(with Bluebird).

15. Birds of Prey attacking a Stone.

16. Portrait of a Banana masquerading as a Smile.

17. Two UFOs posing as the eyes of Mr. Cool-Aid Post Rehab.

18. The real eyes and face of Raoul, Mr. Cool-Aid’s son.

19. “and the Aliens said unto me: if Stallone can get away with this, why can’t you?”

20. Symbols of Frustration on the Battlefields of Love.

21. Father lifting his Son to the Sun, in the park as plane passes.

22. Another Black Eye, Another Green Day: Portrait of Duck and Kitten.

23. The Vortex of Infinity, where my Faces are hidden everywhere.

24. After the Dog ate my Homework, he explained his plan for World Domination.

25. The Aura of the Woman as Bird, Standing up in the Fields.