I want to thank you all for the wonderful response to the year that we are being blessed to experience for far.
My family & all at TreeHouse Publishing & I are grateful for the activity that your interest both promotes & provides.

I’ve always loved the general shape of the Human Body, our Divine Vehicle for our
Life Experiences on Earth. I join with others who’ve long Celebrated it for its never ending capacity to inspire & induce visions of Heavenly Madness & Sweet Circumstantial Swirl. With a Grain of Salt (& a pinch of Sugar y’all) take these Posters
With a little water, gargle, rinse out the mouth and repeat.
And if you see ME before I see YOU, we will just leave the Cops out of it and keep it to ourselves….
Much Love and Happy Valentine’s Day.
Please Enjoy my ‘NUDE POSTERS, VALENTINES 2019 Edition.’

Now, WHO Loves You ?
TreeHouse Loves You, THAT’s Who !

Sananda Maitreya,
Milano Italia,
February 14, 2019.

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