New Memes: Dragon Tails, Chemtrails & Zeitgeist Zebras

Our Dear Friends,

Do We Ever Grow Up OR Do We Just Grow Old?

These Posters were composed during the days BEFORE our mutual friend Maestro Prince

Passed BEYOND AFFLICTION’S ARCHES, Took His Zeitgeist Zebra & Temporarily Reduced

Our Standing to the Circumference of A Sigh.


And Muted Though The Days Were While Held in its sway,

When The Clouds Stood Steady While Mountains Rolled Away,

Reduced to the Circumference of a Sigh

To Bow Their Snowcapped Heads & Pray

Who’d otherwise stutter & stray

Rolling the thunder from their quartz cut

Shoulders from Ocean Spray

Which the stars in Pandora’s Garden Raise

From the ways of dung heaps beneath the

Boulders she keeps for purposes bridging

From the Fever’s Pitch to Fertile Praise

While our Zeitgeist Zebras beyond Affliction’s Arches Sleep

Dreaming of Frivolity as Function of Fable

As Lord Arthur mourns the Periodic Tables that lie beyond death’s reach.

Another day, another soldier gone slipped betwixt the mindfuck of parables

That Parallel Avalon

When Babylon is not able

To neither heal nor teach.


We Now RESUME Our Regularly Scheduled Programming.


Please Enjoy & Do Remember If You Will that Frivolity Is ONLY A Function Of Fable & That A Figment Of Imagination Is The ONLY Finder’s Fee That’s Free ENOUGH To Debate The Costs Of Liberty!


After All, TIME ROLLS ON (When It Is Not Rolling Us). The SUBSTANCE Of Our Existence Is Love & Is All That Really Matters In The End.


‘SED NE OFFENDERET AD IRRITANDUM’* (‘To Provoke But Not To Offend’).


*And if ANY of this is CONFUSING to you, WELCOME, BECAUSE it is CONFUSING to me too…;-)


What Stops Most Of Us From Being Heroes is not necessarily the blood involved

But the Paperwork.


Thank You & Be Well

& Don’t Let Your Lava Lamps

Burn Beyond Their Needs,

(And Neither Swallow Too

Many Loose Seeds).

Sananda Maitreya !


P.S. News of Chapter 1 of ‘Prometheus & Pandora’ Soon Come!



For TreeHouse Publishing &

‘Shoot First & Ask Christian Slater ‘ Productions*

Edited by W. Marmoset YARN.

Co-Edited by W.B. Yikes & Raoul ‘Cerebral’ CORTEZ.

The Church Of Abstract Physics is A ‘Non-Prophet’ Organization

& Exists ONLY In CLOUD Form & Digital Formats. Have At It!

More Algorithm & Blues Please!


*We are not officially affiliated with the Official Slater Organization,


We CAN ONLY hope to gain his ‘Thespiary’* RESPECT by earning it & not Misrepresenting his good name & honest labors & earnest fortune.


*Thespiary: That Which Pertains To The Interest Of One Who Is A Thespian.

An unofficial word created by fiat of poetic license by the author, his literary pretensions & long suffering contacts.

Can also be used to denote someone whose dress sensibility is ‘Gay’, but not in a ‘Good’ Way.

The full usage of the term is still in process of being defined, much like life itself….


The spirit of these humble works dedicated to masters BOWIE, Merle HAGGARD & Prince. All Bona Fide Heroes To Yours Most Truly & for whose service to our humanity I am forever grateful.

Rock, Roll & Tumble On!

Shall We Lighten Up A Bit More Perhaps?

God’s Love Comes To Us In All Shapes & Sizes & We Beat The Hell Out Of Every One.

At LEAST We Are Consistent In This!

Sananda Maitreya!


Thanks to the artists of Flickr whose work I piggybacked on.

Sananda & Francesca Photo by Dario Plozzer, Clothes by Maestro Roberto Cavalli.

Francesca’s Vogue pict by Michela Zizzari and last one by T-Max Mitsuya Sada.

Some pictures courtesy of Flickr.

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