New Memes: DAY BLUES!

Dear Fellow Members of the ONE RACE ( The HUMAN One).

We are ONE RACE Composed as we are of many different & diverse TRIBES.
SOME of us in better shape than others but ALL of us fucked a little still,
Please reference these posters in the spirit in which they were intended.


It is difficult enough as it is though without the levity of HUMOR to temper the gravity,
The grave gains leverage over the sanity of our humanity, stealing from us both the
CHEVY & the LEVEE because the levee is brevity. And no sooner do we shake it off,
than Yet ANOTHER bomb goes off to fill the cavity, fulfilling the vanity of our leaders & programmers &
Their confused & evil souls.
They are ALL (as are we) a bunch of bitches & are fooling NO ONE.


Meanwhile Conscious Attention CHANGES EVERYTHING.


And remembering that we are each played off the other to keep us blinded instead of
REMINDED that we are ALL the children of an awesome force of power & mercy with endlessly creative solutions.

Remember most of all:

My Spirit To Yours,
Sananda Francesco Maitreya !


And a Very Special Thanks to TreeHouse Publishing & our wonderful friends at
‘Shoot First & Ask Christian Slater’ Productions ( A ‘Limited’ Company with Unlimited
Potential). All posters edited by W. Marmoset Yarn & WIlliam Butler Yikes !
For the Church of Abstract Physics, A Non- Denominational Construct that Accepts ALL
Denominations of Currency & ALL Major Credit Cards.
Baci !

P.S. To paraphrase one of the Great Masters:
“Half Of What I Say Is Meaningless, But I Say It Just To Reach You”.
-‘Julia’. John Lennon.

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