Live In Firenze



The Man of a Thousand years placed a thought form into the minds of his two vehicles Luther Means© and Victor Spoils©. These two soldiers and comrades in arms against repression and tyranny would then contact the “phempmops”, three earth based Aliens who could materialize for periods up to of 3 to 4 hours at the time. As experts in wave fluctuation energy shifting, they were asked to go to the area of Firenze, renaissance capital of the world. After a scout craft from the Mothership visited the area and began the frequency adjustment, the “phempmops” using the alias of Sananda & the Nudge Nudge materialized to complete the vision and the promise of the Man of a Thousand Years. A strong anti-virus would also be layered into the thought forms of the atmosphere, although Sananda would have to carry it first in his body before its effectiveness could be released. From the Viper Theatre we bring you urgently ‘INFLUENZA IN FIRENZE’. What does one do with the flu? Rock on !

Digital album