Camels At The Crossroads



SANANDA & THE NUDGE NUDGE ‘ANGELS & VAMPIRES’ LIVE 2007 Let us begin by saying that we are grateful to those of you who attended these shows. We worked hard to earn the space to present ‘Post Millennium Rock’ as a newborn infant kicking and gurgling, as well as previewing it as a sliver of raw soul theatre, clothed in but the sheerest of garments, to avoid the draught at the door. We present to you our urgency, passion and primordial vision and hope that you receive it in the same spirit in which it is given, without malice or guile and with a sense of wonder that we, as workers in the fields of gravity, receive in time our harvest. Take these apples, take these pears and feast. Let them sit close to your heart. What grapes may have come from wrath, are now come to sweet boisterous raisins stretched out in the afternoon sun. Let them breathe new rhythms of possibility into your mind. (Whatever you do, try NOT to think about all of the ‘craniums’ in the Ukraine!, or, are hungry Hungarians twice as hungry?). Let them remind you that anything is possible. We only steal a breath of your time, but what we aim to give in return is that we both be breathless and timeless. If Rock is anything, it is a celebration of freedom, or the yearning, the desire to be free, from bondage, from pain. These songs, performed along with Nik Taccori and Enea Bardi, on drums and bass respectively, are my freedom songs, a freedom shaping up into the size and worth of the price we had to pay to reach it. This is the most ‘punk’ thing that I have done, and it needed to be at this juncture in my crossroads, as stripped and intimate as possible. No frills, no overdubs, no fancy ‘trickeration’. Just I, Sananda and the Nudge Nudge and whatever of spirit showed up in that moment to nudge us along. Our FOH was Matteo Sandri and we thank Antonio Baglio at Nautilus Mastering in Milano for Mastering these recordings to acceptable professional standards. I thank my wife Francesca for her support. We thank our friend God for watching over the miles. Enjoy, Sananda Maitreya!

Digital album