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These are the transcripts we are pleased and able to present at this time.
Enjoy them as you enjoy your journey through the space/time continuum!
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EVE loved her Paul McCartney pencil cup!
Which she lapped up, though her housemate
were less than amused. She understood him to
be confused, and what with his temper and all
she might laugh with him, but she would never
LAUGH ADAM, tweak his ribs or blow his fuse.
Nor fail to answer his call, nor time corrupt,
His mind would get too bruised. The garden of EDEN
were once the garden of Sweden, before the SW
broke off to license itself, lucratively,
to be used, as the symbol for SOUTH WEST.
And EAR leases it to SWEAR, and to lessen
the insanity on what it hears, and those moods it has to wear.
Resigned, Eve did what she does best, turn herself into night.
Others call it Evening, though for her that would
prove too slight (as well as too vain). It haunts her enough
that it rhymes with leaving. And she encourages
her man to write pop songs, to remove the rust from his
mental chains (that are otherwise too loud and cleaving),
as she clears the static dust, gathered like flakes
upon her window pane, while the moon is
gently sleeping, in twilights' golden cusp.

Ladles and Geraniums,
I hope this sheet music is sweet music to your eyes and ears.
It isn’t Brahms but it ain’t chopped liver either. I myself neither write nor read music technically, but I am good at making funny drawings that distract from the notes themselves.
I once won an award for it, though admittedly it were an award that I created for myself to win and was the only person nominated. And while technically musically illiterate, I still haven’t been able to put a telethon together to take advantage of it.
Upon being ready, other songs will pop up from time to time, this first one free, the others will come at a nominal fee as I have a boy to feed who would eat the Pope out of the Vatican.
Enjoy “I SAW HER” and don’t be afraid to learn and embrace new things, new forms.
In the long run it pays. The sheet music also makes a nice wallpaper and alternative fish wrapping.

Brahms woke up and shouted harshly to himself, "Damn, I am running late, I'll never be there in time". Then he realized that he had merely been drinking too much the night before and had fallen prey to a dream whereby he were late for a session in Milano in the 21st century. He looked at his calendar, it was still the 19th century thank God, and he had time enough after all. His publisher could wait. Enjoy “I SAW HER”.

Ps it’s no big deal about my lack of technical musical training. Almost no popular musician that I know of the last two generations were taught or encouraged to learn these skills. Though I may go back to school to learn!

Pps Don’t confuse "I Saw Her" with "Tom Sawyer"! It's been known to happen before.
Yes, I too am a fan of RUSH.

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