A&V instrumentals cover

Angels and Vampires

Instrumental version - Volume I and II

Welcome to our blood trail.
These were the footsteps taken.
These were the fingerprints left behind.
The Energy is the Medecine.


Digital album

Volume I
Volume II

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Further note: This instrumental presentation is important for me because I can recall being in the U.S. Army in Hanau Germany, where the master Elvis had also been stationed, and sneaking up to the broom closet of the recreation center with a cassette copy of ROD STEWART'S 'Tonight I'm Yours' album and locking myself up, taking a push broom and used it as a 'microphone' while trying to learn how to sing like the Master Rod and both of our hero's, Sam Cooke. Therefore with great pleasure I present to tomorrow's singers a chance to hang out, warm up, gather the spring birds of confidence, and get their mojo rolling. Big up yourself and use these tunes to get the engine of your desire, revved up and ready to take on the entire world, with your fists balled up and waiting for the action. Don't be shy. And feel free to sample and take, just give credit where it is due and all is well. Bless you, Sananda M !

Everything dedicated to you, all my heroes, family and to the Mrs. Maitreya. Om Mani Christum!